How to Bead a Slip Knot

By Candace – 3 Comments

This tutorial shows you how to start a project with a bead at the very beginning, on your slip knot. The technique shown leaves you with a bead that will be in either the front loop or back loop of the stitch, depending on how you position it when you continue your chain.

Making sure the bead is on the tail end of the yarn, make a half twist (half hitch) in the working end of the yarn

Pull the tail end, with bead, through the loop. Remember not pull the entire tail through.

Pull the working end of the yarn to close the loop and the tail end of the yarn to tighten.

Your slipknot is complete.

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment for clarification.

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  1. Marny CA says:

    For what reason would a bead be used on the slipknot?

  2. Caro says:

    What a great idea – thank you, Rachael!

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