How To Crochet: Blanket Stitch

By Robin Beers – 308 Comments
This easy stitch is perfect for an afghan or blanket. It is just sets of 3 stitches, one single crochet and two doubles. Once you get into the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep! Use it for a baby blanket in a pretty pink or blue or for a regular afghan with bright colors! You can change colors after a few rows for a multicolored effect.

The photo above is a baby blanket I am working on for charity. I am using a J-hook for this with worsted yarn. Decide how wide you want your blanket to be and chain the proper number in multiples of 3. I chained 108 for this blanket and it is about 31 inches wide. For more blanket patterns using similar stitches, click here. Oh, and by the way, feel free to try this stitch on a scarf if you want! Experiment!

Note: If you are left handed, just put your mouse over the photo for a left-handed view.

Start with a foundation row of a multiple of 3 chains.
I chained 12 here.

Row 1: Make 2 double crochets in the 3rd chain from the hook.

*Skip 2 ch. Make 1 sc in next ch.

Make 2 double crochet in the same ch.

Repeat from * to the end of row 1 ending with 1 sc in the last ch.

Row 2: Chain 2, turn, make 2 dc in first sc.

**Skip the next 2 dc, Make sc and 2 dc in next sc.

Repeat from ** across ending with 1 sc in the top of the ch-2.

Repeat Row 2 until desired length is made.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Update: A lot of folks have asked about a border for their finished project. You can add any border that you like! If you want to use the same stitch pattern for your border, you can use the row 1 instructions but work it around the edge of the blanket. Instead of working into chains, you’ll be working into the sides of stitches that are along the edge of the blanket. If you are worried about spacing your stitches, you can use this tutorial first: Crochet Finish Technique: “Crochet Evenly Around” to create a regular single crochet border. Then crochet the edging into the single crochets.

Click here for more blanket patterns!

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  1. Pauline says:

    Hi Ruth

    Do you start each row with chain 2 and would that form the 1st of the 2 double crochet.

    I would love to do a baby blanket with this stitch. Thank you for sharing it with us. Regards Pauline RSA

  2. Vin says:

    Love this making one now! Thanks soo much

  3. julie says:

    Does this stitch have a name?

  4. beth says:

    i have followed this stitch to make 4 strips of 5 squares – but my problem now is how to join them all with a similar stitch?!! this is my first time crocheting anything and i am stumped – most joining stitches i have looked up are too holey/lacey..
    please help so i can finish my project!
    thank you!!

  5. K Greer says:

    You don’t have to add an edging if you don’t want to. I think it looks good even without one! You can use the same pattern, but as a edging too. Just work the same stitch pattern, but around the outside of the blanket.

    I just finished making a very large spread using the blanket stitch, and I love it. However, I would like to add a border to make it look “finished”. I read the above comment on a possible border. How would you do this? I have to have instructions before I am able to crochet because I am not very creative. Thanks!!!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      You can use the row 1 instructions but work it around the edge of the blanket. Instead of the working into chains, you’ll be working into the sides of stitches that are along the edge of the blanket. If you are worried about spacing your stitches, you can use this tutorial first: Crochet Finish Technique: “Crochet Evenly Around” to create a regular single crochet border. Then crochet the edging into the single crochets.

      • K Greer says:

        Thank you so much for your instructions on how to make a border around the spread that I crocheted using the blanket stitch!!! It turned out really great. Thank you for the tutorial, too. I now use that when I crochet a border around potholders, dish cloths, etc.
        Thank you!!!!!!

  6. afaf ismail says:

    I want to start this blanket. I did not understand how many chains to start with, is it a chain of 108 stitches? or chain of 12 stitches? then I join together.

    thank you

    • Rachel Choi says:

      You can do any chain that is a multiple of 3. 108 would be blanket size, and 12 is used for the small swatch in the tutorial just to demonstrate the stitch pattern. You can make the chain as long as you want your blanket to be, doesn’t have to be 108. A multiple of 3 is any number that you can divide by 3 without having a remainder. For example: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18…

      Feel free to learn more about multiples here:

      • Wendy Bradley says:

        Thanks for the explanation of the multiple’s . I had asked another site and the reply was its your starting chain. which was not much of a explanation. So when a pattern say work in multiples of 2 5, 7 4 etc it means it can be divided evenly into the chain stitches. Correct. I’m really really new to Crochet. I’ve attempted 2 hats, one way too small, the second was ok. I’ve done many test swatches as well.

  7. Karen Torsch says:

    What kind of yarn would you use and how much for a baby blanket? How many chains would you do?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Karen,
      It really is up to you! This tutorial demonstrate the stitch pattern, which can be used with just about any yarn you like. Depending on the yarn you choose you can pick a hook that corresponds with it. Depending on the yarn and hook, you can make a gauge to determine the length of your chain.

      So once you pick a yarn you like, any yarn really, choose a hook that works well with it (most yarn packages will recommend a hook size). Then use your yarn and hook to crochet a chain that is as wide as you want your blanket to be. The number of chains will vary because of hook and yarn used, so simply measure the chain’s length as you crochet it.

  8. Nibit2u says:

    This is my very favorite baby blanket! I use two strands if making it for winter babies. The stitch makes it heavy and beautiful! Your talents are greatly appreciated and thank you for sharing!

  9. sue says:

    hi what a lovely pattern this is i thought it would be hard to do but it not iam hooked making a blanket with it thankyou sue

  10. afaf ismail says:

    hello dear Rachel
    I really like to thank you for the this beautiful baby blanket. I finished my baby blanket and its gorgeous, but i still need the instructions for the edging as in original picture,
    Please can u send me the instructions or tutorial how to do it.

    thank you

  11. kathy says:

    Question… Just to clarify, when you say to use the “3rd chain from the hook” and “skip 2 chains and use the next chain” it is basically the same thing? Just want to make sure I am following directions correctly. Thanks

  12. Hayley says:

    I got to the end and ended on two doubles- obviously I’ve lost count somewhere what should I do?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      No worries, you can always undo the row and redo it. Be sure to count the number of stitches on the row before you start to ensure there wasn’t a mistake on the previous row that is messing you up. Once you know there is the correct stitch count, you can go ahead and try the row again. You may even want to put stitch markers every 3, 6 or so stitches so that you can see where you are crocheting in relation to the number of stitches.

  13. Shannon says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to do this and throw in some shells when done along the edges for a border. Great job 🙂

  14. Shannon says:

    Oh and P.S, thanks for showing the LH view. As a lefty I really appreciate seeing things in my perspective.

  15. Irene says:

    Can you please tell me how many skeins I need and the dimensions of this blanket? I’m making it for a baby. Maybe can you suggest the # of skeins related to the dimensions?
    I have no idea how to calculate that.

    Your help is appreciated.

  16. Irene says:

    Oops, Sorry I forgot to tell you what brand of yarn I’m going to use:

    Lion Brand Baby Wool
    Weight Category: 4 – Worsted Weight: Afghan, Aran Yarn

    Solids: 1.75oz (50g), 98yds (90m)
    Prints: 1.4oz (40g), 79yds (72m)

    Let me know. Thanks

  17. Tamara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. To practice the stitch I started out with 24 chains and I am making an ear warmer. It’s coming along beautifully and now that I’ve got the stitch down I am looking forward to to making a blanket! Thanks again!

  18. Jenna says:

    HI, I am new to crocheting and wanted to try a pattern, when you say make 1 sc then 2 dc in the same st. Is that all 3 in the same stitch? Or 1 sc and the next st is 2 dc? Thanks!!

  19. Betty Foehl says:

    I am well on my way with this delightful pattern and I love the pattern that this stitch makes. My question is, How do you finish off the afgan when you have the desired length?

    Thank you for your reply,

  20. I love this pattern, thank you! I use it to make dishcloths which works great because it has a scrubby texture.

  21. Rachel says:

    Hi. Beautiful blanket, really easy stitch, thank you for sharing. I just want to go back to the edging/border question……
    I don’t know how to work out the corners, any clues?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Rachel, you can put multiple stitches into the corner stitch. That way it will make a turn and pointy corner. Try it out and see what works for you!

  22. Laurie Ruyter says:

    I really like this pattern and appreciate you sharing it. Is like it make a full size afghan using a multi colored yarn. I’ve been looking for a pattern that I could use that would allow me to just relax and crochet and not have to look at a pattern. For a full size afghan would you suggest I triple the beginning chain from your 108 suggested for a baby afghan? How much yarn will I need to mahe a full size? Thank you for sharing and your help!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Tripling is a good idea. You can also just make a chain that is as wide as you want your afghan to be. You’ll probably use about 3000 yards, but it really depends on tension, type of yarn you use, and also on the dimensions of your blanket.

  23. CS Weaver says:

    I am making my daughter in law a full size blanket, using “Peaches and Cream”, with this pattern.
    After several starts with other patterns, I am not creative, this one fit me like a glove. It is smooth and fast.
    Thank you.

  24. Elyse says:

    I am hoping to make this using Berroco comfort worsted. I want to make it 30 x30 (which I think is a good size for a baby blanket, right?) How much yardage would I need? Also, how many chains to begin with? I usually get gauge. I also want to leave room for about 1 1/2″ of dc border all around the edge unless you have a better idea for a border!
    Thanks so much. Love the blanket!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hello! You’ll probably need about 1000 yards. To get started you can make as many chains as you need to get to 30″. It really depends on your gauge. This tutorial is just for the stitch pattern, so you can really use any gauge that works for you.

  25. Nina says:

    I’ve been searching for easy to crochet baby blankets and I feel comfortable trying this after reading all the useful comments and replies. Thanks in advance! I will try this as soon as I get my hands on some colourful yarn! I am a level 0 beginner

  26. yvonne says:

    your directions are so clear thank you
    I am searching for directions for foundation row in multiples of 4 for bobble stich pattern consisting of
    a 4 or 5DC bobble stich – but to have the bobble alternate every other row-not on top of each other ie row one shows 4 bobbles row 2 three bobbles row three 4 bobbles etc.on a practice swatch of about 20 stiches also do I need to chain multiples of 4 + ? additional chain stich in the foundation row or stop with my foundation row in multiples of 4
    Thank you

  27. yvonne says:

    sorry–forgot to add the following
    Each row of bobbles will have a row of only DC between each row of bobbles and each bobble has SC (s) between them
    Can you tell I’m new at this
    Thank you again

  28. Bev says:

    Is there anyway you could use gray and white on this pattern?

  29. MaryLou says:

    Hi, I make the tiny fleece blankets with crocheted edging and am always looking for new stitches to learn for the borders. I love the simplicity and look of this stitch but am not sure how to proceed with the second row since I’m going around the square three times but never turning it, sort of like a granny square. Since the stitches end up slanting a different way for each row in your pattern, I guess they would all slant the same way for me. Any suggestions how I can make multiple rows work around the fleece?

  30. Cat says:

    I’m a relatively newb crocheter….

    After creating the 12 stitches in your “example” and the first “stitch” is the DC in the third…did you chain two more? I couldn’t quite get the clarification from earlier comments.

    Also – appreciate the lefty view as well! 😀

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Cat!
      No need to chain 2 more. You will do 2 double crochets into the third chain from your hook. Then you will skip 2 chains and make a single crochet in the next chain.

  31. Shannon says:

    Hello! I’m am confused about the 2nd row. I am used to working in stitches from the hook, so when you say skip 2 dc and stich in the sc I get very confused. It seems from the picture that I crochet the sc and 2 dc at the end of the “arc” of the first row. Is this correct? Do you have a video of this blanket? Thank you so much!!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Shannon!
      Sorry, I don’t have a video. You are correct, it will look like an arc. Keep up the crocheting, it sounds like you’re on the right track.

  32. Clarissa says:

    Hi there!!
    I started this on Saturday and just love the simplicity! I’m making a single bed blanket, and I’m using a thick hook, to make the holes bigger and a bit looser! It’s lovely! Thank you!

  33. Gwendolyn says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I really like this pattern because it’s beautiful. I’m very expert crocheter. I’m just starting to make a baby blanket for my landlord’s second baby just borned last week.

    You did a great job. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!.

  34. Charlain says:

    I am so happy that I found this page on Pinterest. I had been struggling trying to decide what stitch I wanted to use to make a blanket that I want to back with fabric for my first grandbaby to be born in September. This stitch works up so pretty and so fast! I’ve only been crocheting a few months and it was easy to learn and once you “get” the pattern it is easy to know exactly where the next stitches go. It makes such a great, cushiony texture and it is perfect for my project! Thanks so much for the inspiration and the great tutorial!

  35. Pat says:


    Thank you so much for putting a left-handed view of the pattern.
    It has made it so much easier for me to follow.

  36. Marine winthrop Owen says:

    Do you skip 2 sp/ch through out the whole blanket
    Or just the first row? Thanks so much for
    Your time.

  37. Hi Rachel,

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this stitch and instructions on making a blanket. I’m fairly new to crochet and this is the first decorative type stitch that I’ve used to make a baby blanket and I absolutely love it! Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. You’re right,once you’ve got the stitch down you can practically crochet it in your sleep. In fact, I have dozed off a couple times while making a baby blanket and woke up and hadn’t dropped a stitch. LOL I can lay this pattern down and when I come back to it, it’s easy to see where I left off and what stitch I need to do next. Thanks again for teaching this newbie how to make something lovely!

  38. Traci says:

    I’d been looking all over YouTube to find the perfect stitch for my blanket. It will be the first blanket I’ll crochet, so I want it to be as good as can be. I found lots of pretty stitches, but not really what I was looking for for a blanket. And then I found this! This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I usually only use video tutorials or my own head to crochet stitches/patterns and have stayed away from any sort of written pattern, but your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The pictures are an added help! Thanks so much for this!

  39. Judy says:

    I made this blanket for my granddaughter (when she was born) out of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton. My DIL has loved it ever since and is not asking for a larger one, to lay over a twin sized bed. My problem is that if I complete my chains to the measurement I want, by the time I’ve finished the second row the size has shrunk due to the slight “puffing” effect of the blanket. So now I’m perplexed as to how many chains I need for the right size. It’s a lot of chains just to find that I’ve over or under estimated. Has anyone else had this problem and do you have any suggestions?

  40. Jessica says:

    Hey, i am wondering about this stitch can you please explain to me how it starts. You do start at the third chain as a double or single stitch and do you do skip two chains and do a double stitch or how is it being done?
    Thanks, Jessica

  41. Jessica says:

    Hi again, I started making this design and is it supposed to curl? Do you know how to keep the work straight? Thanks.

  42. Jessica says:

    How do you make your first row to come out straight? When i am ao my first row it seems to not be straight like how a blanket should be. How do you make a blanket straight?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Jessica! There are a number of reasons it might not be straight. You can try double checking your stitches to make sure you’re not accidently adding or missing any. If your row 1 seems too tight try chaining your beginning chain looser with a slightly larger hook, then go back to your original hook to work the rest of the stitches. Often times the beginning chain is crocheted too tightly.

  43. Linda. Fox says:

    Is this stitch suppose to look a bit like a bobble stitch? I’m a few rows into it and cluster looks like a bump. Is that right? Thanks

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hello! It is a little bumpy, but not as bumpy as a bobble stitch. Double check that you are skipping stitches where it says to, that way the stitches will lay somewhat flat.

      • Linda. Fox says:

        Thank you so much for the quick response. I decided to do sc, hdc, DC, instead of the sc, 2dc and it’s less bumpy for my taste. Thank you for the inspiration and the wonderful, easy to understand instructions! Linda

  44. Aut says:

    In your 12 chain example, where it says “repeat from * to the end of row 1”, are you repeating this twice? I just want to make sure I’m doing it right.

  45. Mariana Mill says:

    Thank you for this easy, lovely stitch… will make another 20 x20 preemie blanket.. Love it

  46. Glenda Martinez says:

    I made this recently using double yarn in a gorgeous smoky gray. It turned out beautifully!!

  47. Angie Lewis says:

    Love your tutorial! I just started this in pink. ..I will add a ruffle pretty!

  48. Janet says:

    Thank you for the left handed views. Nice!!!

  49. Linda Black says:

    Just started a blanket and I just adore this stitch.I think my next “big” project might be a coverlet for my bed.Thank you so much for this pattern.

  50. Tonya Perkins says:

    I’m getting ready to start this for my grandson. The pattern says to end the row with ch 2, and you’ve said that is the first dc.. the picture in your tutorial and the instructions say to chain 2 then do 2 double crochets.. Which is correct? I’m learning how to crochet and a few different patterns and tutorials talk about doing a turning chain to keep the stitches accurate, would the chain 2 then the 2 double crochets help with that?

    Thank you, I can’t wait to start this!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Tonya! I’m not sure I understand you questions completely. Feel free to let me know if I don’t answer your questions fully…
      You will start round 2 with the “ch 2, turn, 2 dc in first sc” then at the end of row you will make “1 sc in the top of the ch-2”. The last single crochet will go into the top of the chain-2 that you made at the beginning of the previous row. You aren’t going to chain 2 again until you get to the beginning of the next row.

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