How to Determine If You’re a Crochet Addict

By Rachel Choi – 39 Comments

Addictions have a reputation for being bad. Well, if it’s drugs or something like that, maybe it is. But who ever said that being addicted to crochet is a bad thing? I certainly don’t thing so. But if you do, we can make a “Crochet Addicts Anonymous” group just for you. To determine if you are a crochet addict, simply read the symptoms below.

Symptoms of a Crochet Addict

  • You’re proud to be called a “hooker”.
  • You have a room for your yarn, not a shelf or a draw, you have an entire room.
  • When someone greets you they start off by say, “What are you knitting?”
  • You have more crochet hooks and patterns than you can count or will ever use.
  • You have a designated crochet bag that you carry projects in, and the bag isn’t small.
  • You always keep a crochet project in your car or at work, just in case you have some down time.
  • Your hands get fidgety when you go a day without crocheting (as if you would ever do that).
  • You have a play list of music or movies that’s called, “Play While Crocheting”.
  • You memorized when the major yarn stores have discounts and coupons.
  • You crochet with things other than yarn, such as plastic bags, cassette tape, duck tape, t-shirts, etc.
  • You’ve learned to die yarn with Kool-aid and spin yarn out of your pet’s hair.
  • You wear one of those necklace medallions that cuts your yarn for you.
  • Your number of WIPs (works in progress) and UFOs (unfinished objects) keeps multiplying, and you blame it on your cat/dog/spouse.
  • You are crocheting while reading this post.

Are you a crochet addict?
Do you have a symptom to add to the list?

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  1. wic says:

    love it.
    I think I was starting to get a little obsessed with crocheting but having my twin boys home this week with high fever and running nose did make me go cold turkey.
    I am still alive and kicking ( and now obsessed with my tomato seedlings).

  2. Heather says:

    You can’t sleep because you are tying to figure out how you are going to make the new block 6 inches (or some other pattern related problem). This happened to me for the first time last night. Of course, I’m going to blame my need for a long nap on my husband’s snoring.

  3. Caitlin says:

    One to add would be you keep saying things like “I can make that” when you look at things like hats and blankets in stores or pass by people wearing things like hats and scarves that look crocheted.

  4. Sharon says:

    When a gift-giving days nears, you think, “What can I crochet for him/her?”

  5. Angie says:

    I am TOTALLY a crochet addict and not afraid to admit it!!!! I think about what I’m going to work on next as I’m working on my current project or at my REAL job and always NEED more yarn!

  6. Renee says:

    Love it!! I’d add: the only time you’re ever at the sewing machine is to make another designated crochet bag because you’ve thought of a new project to make. And: you address your overrunning yarn stash, not by cutting back and paring down, but running to the store for more bins … oh, and while you’re there, you pick up some more yarn!

    Really enjoying this blog! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sara says:

    You’re addicted if you spend your lunch hour at work at Crochet Spot!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Chris says:

    When I finish a project and I can’t go more than 2 days without starting something…anything! Even if it’s something as simple as a dishcloth. I have about 30 “coasters” sitting around my house as a result of not finding my next project quick enough..

  9. Sandie says:

    Absolutely an addict. No doubt about it.

  10. Melissa says:

    Oh hell ya. Major crochet addict. But, is that a bad thing??? We’re not bad….we’re just misunderstood…..

  11. Lizzy says:

    I crocheted my way through the superbowl this weekend. Couldn’t spend all that time in front of a tv without my yarn and hook! I think anyone who knows me would say I’m an addict… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Karen says:

    Oh, my – how true that list is!!! I think there were only a couple of things I’m NOT guilty of! About the crochet bag – why spend time sewing a new one. These days, so many stores I go to have those “green” bags for $.99. I buy them – not necessarily to go green – but for my MULTIPLYING WIPs.
    Maybe some more to add – you’re an addict when you take advantage of the wait at the dr.s office by working on a crochet project. And – when you’re angry when you’re too sick and don’t have the energy to crochet. OR – when your crochet time beats out house-cleaning time? I could go on and on, I think…

  13. Pam says:

    I have one to add – I will talk myself out of doing some household chore because I REALLY have to finish my latest project so I can take a picture and get it into my e-store right away!!

    PS I laughed so hard reading your list!

  14. Chika Montes says:

    you’re an addict when you’re telling your significant other before going to bed. . .just one more row, just one more row!

  15. Steph says:

    Being asked what I am knitting grinds my teeth everytime!

  16. Victoria says:

    You know you are a crochet addict when you go to your Chiropractor for your monthly adjustment and ask to have your hand and wrist adjusted, too!
    Pure Bliss!

  17. LuAnne says:

    I bought a laptop & got wireless internet so when i go tho my kids 300 miles away I can have all my patterns right in front of me & so they can pick out their B-day or Christmas gift. Also I can surf for more patterns when I’m away from home. Oh ya!! I’m scoping out another pattern & thread/yarn before I’m even close to being done with the current project. I’ve got 2 computer paper boxes full of doilies & 2 full of market bags/totes with noone in mind for them. Told my friends it’s for my retirement when I open my own craft shop. (Denial is part of the addiction, right?)

  18. Catie says:

    Well, I’m not sure if it’s an addiction, but here it goes. I’m going to an Anime Con over Easter Weekend and I wanted to have something to cosplay as (sort of a costume) so I decided on making fox ears and a tail for it. I’m crocheting the tail as I type (ok, I have to pause to type, but I’ll go right back when I’m done.) and I’ll get the ears done after I do some single crochet around my hairband for it. Addicted? Maybe…but I don’t care! My hands need something to do all the time.

  19. Catie says:

    I do have an addition for the “What are you knitting?” comment…you’re asked that and your response is “I’m not knitting, I’m crocheting. And it’s a…(Whatever the project happens to be).”

  20. m says:

    My daughter (a knitter) and I divide all movies & shows into one of two categories: “Crochet TV,” meaning we can work while listening to it, and…. not.

    The “not” category is pretty annoying because we’re “wasting time” by just watching the screen! LOL

  21. Jessica-Jean says:

    What is it when your yarn/thread/patterns/hooks/needles have overflowed from the largest room in the house to fill up little used rooms? Besides my yarn room (floor to ceiling and wall to wall full of my favorite playthings), there are bags of assorted knitting and crochet projects ‘in progress’ in at least three other rooms of the house!

    I think I’m a addict. My supply of yarn and thread is more than I (at age 64 already) and any other three full-time knitters/crocheters can ever use up. Is there hope/help for me?? Where is there a twelve-step program for those who spend too much time knitting/crocheting??

  22. Sheila says:

    When you look around your BF’s house and seriously contemplate crocheting some curtains for his bare windows…..

  23. Gina Padilla says:

    Hello My name is Gina AKA Yarnabees and I’m a Yarnaholic It has been 9 Hours since I last used my Hook. Why so long because I guess I do have to sleep, if only I could crochet in my sleep. I’m am such an addict that for gift giving days I ask for yarn, hooks, and books, Crochet/Knitting books that is. I have some patterns that I have done so often that I don’t even have to read the pattern any more to make that project. I hope my family never tries an intervention for my addiction. My 12 yr. old son told me when I die he will put a crochet hook in my hand, I laughed so hard then told him don’t forget the yarn.

  24. EssHaych says:

    I’m a total Crochet Addict! I have most of the symptoms listed! I’ve only been crocheting for about a year and a half, but it’s so addictive.

  25. Suzi says:

    Gina give your 12 yr old a kiss on the head for that hook comment. Loved it. And Rachel this posting is great. Think the only thing I have not done is spin my cats hair into yarn.

  26. Kim in NJ says:

    I’m an addict. But I think it’s a good addiction. Hubby says it keeps me quiet. (What’s that supposed to mean?) My addition to the list: finding a really good yarn sale, or clearance bin and stocking up…..THEN…..waiting until Hubby goes out so I can sneak in all of my new yarn. THEN….I get a big Pampers box and fill it and hide it in my daughter’s room until I can find time to organize it in my room or closet. (He doesn’t change diapers, so he’ll never look in the Pampers box.) GUILTY!!! Yarnaholic and PROUD of it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Julie says:

    When you are sending people emails about how much snow you have in your yard, but every time you try to type the word “yard” you type “yarn” instead. I guess I *could* be measuring my yarn accumulation in feet!

  28. m says:

    OK, Kim, and I thought I was the only one sneaking yarn into the house! LOL

  29. Maria says:

    Gina — When my grandmother passed away 6 years ago my dad’s cousin made a memorial wreath for us. Font and center on the wreath was thread and a crochet hook.

  30. Dottie says:

    Except For The Weaving Your Own Pet Hair, I’m All Of The Above

  31. Vicky K says:

    Oh… so true!!! I keep asking if there is a YA ( Yarn Annomous) to join. I have a few things that are “me” on that list. I actually go bonkers if i dont crochet ONE day! Break time, lunch time, any where.. i have my yarn bag and off i go!! I even have extra hooks in my car and desk at work JUST IN CASE!! Maybe i do have a problem… but a good one… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Vicki says:

    Could this help me to lose weight? I am fairly new at this but notice that I don’t snack like I used to.

  33. m says:

    I suppose so! If your hands are busy, you can’t be eating….

  34. katie A. says:

    Read somewhere that yes, crocheting burns calories, approximations are between 300 and 5oo an hour. Yes, to all of the above, one more thing to add to the list, I have been known to NOT answer the phone while crocheting, as I will lose count, or lose my place, lol Tv’s on, but im listening, get up every hour or so, and do something more phyisical, like shampooing carpets, changing cat box, cleaning out the frige, doing the weedeating, and last but not least, get out to a yarn store, at least weekly, if not more often, rain shine snow sleet hail or humidity!

  35. Sulay says:

    Hi my name is Sulay and I learned how to crochet in January and I am completely addicted, I started out when I asked my friend from work to teach me so she brought her needles and yarn, I made her a scarf and gave her baqck her needle since I had no materials I ran to the craftcenter and bought my own supplies, so far made my bff a scarf, my cousin a scarf, my sis in law a scarf and wristlet, then a huge baby blanket for my cousin and now almost completed a petunia hat, while also working on a twin size blanket for my daughter, I find that I am absolutely addicted and in my mind I have crocheted a bunch of items, I also have 2 magazines and walk around with a lil bag with supplies and also have a bg bag at home, I just started not even 2 months ago, Is this bad? I feel like it is very therapeutic but my hubby has mentioned to me that I am neglecting him and the girls but I dont feel that way and I am going to teach my 8yr old. Oh god, I think I have a problem. ๐Ÿ™ But crocheting is my new found hobby and I love love it…

  36. Betsy says:

    My symptom is every time a friend or family member says they’re pregnant i offer to make a hat (boys) or headband (girls), Name embroidered Blanket, cross and booties

  37. Steph says:


  38. Jackie says:

    I get my color scheme from what other people are wearing or off something that has pretty color pattern and take a picture of it so I can use it for the next project.

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