Methods for Joining Pieces in Crochet

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I’m often asked about the best methods for joining pieces of a crochet project together. Depending on your project the answer may be different. There are all sorts of crochet projects that are crocheted in multiple pieces, such as blankets, toys, bags, etc. There are a few different methods to consider, which I will discuss further. Feel free to check out the tutorials linked in this post for further instructions on each method.

whip stitchSewing with a yarn/tapestry needle and a scrap of yarn is one of the most popular methods for joining pieces together. There are different stitches you can use to sew, but the most common is the whip stitch. Sewing is one of the most universal methods, which can be used on most project types. Most toys almost always call for sewing when joining the pieces together. Blankets typically have a cleaner look when sewn together.

Crochet Together
slip stitchPieces can be crocheted together using basic stitches. The most popular stitches to use to crochet pieces together are slip stitch or single crochet, although almost any stitch can be used. By inserting your hook through both of the pieces you want to join together and making your crochet stitch, the new stitch will create a seam. The seam is raised off of the work, which can create an unwanted (or wanted) “bump”. Often times, if is more convenient to crochet pieces together, compared to sewing, especially if there are lots of pieces to join. This method isn’t always ideal since it will create a “bump” in the work.

Join As You Go
join as you goThis is the most clever of all methods, but may be tricky to do if you’re a beginner. Joining as you go is usually done with motif type pieces. The last round on the motif is used to join it to other motifs. The last round may include slip stitches or lacy chains that are attached to the edges of other motifs. Joining as you go is a very convenient technique, but determining the stitches to use are dependent on the pattern.

Glue and Tape
Seriously, joining can be as simple as gluing or taping. If you are working with small objects, such as appliques, you can easily glue them onto a project. You can use fabric tape, fabric glue, or even hot glue in some cases. Just be careful using glue on objects that will be machine washed as some glues can melt or dissolve in the wash.

If you have additional methods for joining crochet pieces together, I would love to hear about them. What’s your favorite method for joining? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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