“Professional Auntie” Goes Baby Crochet Crazy!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 3 Comments

I am a “professional auntie!” This means I have a huge number of nieces and nephews (at least a Baker’s Dozen), and I’m not actually related to any of them! It’s great being a professional auntie who crochets because if I ever feel the need to impulse crochet something cuter than cute I have an instant reason to do so!

Look!  I found a baby-friend!

Look! I found a baby-friend!

And when you’re a professional auntie like me, there is no shortage of babies to shower with gifts! I’m in my 30’s so my friends are in that baby-making phase where they are having first, second, and sometimes third children! How great is that? They want and need handmade gifts. I want and need to make them. Crochet for babies is completely adorable, and usually quick and easy to make. It’s a win-win situation!

Baby loves her crochet bib & Mom can machine wash it!

Baby loves her crochet bib & Mom can machine wash it!

Giving a handmade crochet gift to a new parent is a wonderful thing. They will marvel at your lovely handiwork, wonder how you had the time to make it, and even do a photo shoot with the tiny recipient modeling your creation! It’s warm fuzzies all around.

I feel I should mention, however, that yarn choice for this kind of gift is extremely important. Remember that this gift is actually about the parent more than the baby or you! While you may love working with high-end wools and alpacas, you need to make absolutely sure that your gift is easy care. It’s best to make your item machine washable and dryable! Machine washable and air dry might be okay depending upon the parent, but even the most conscientious lauderer will make mistakes upon lack of sleep! These parents are tired & don’t want to have to deal with the guilt of ruining your gorgeous creation. So do both you and them a favor and avoid this problem before it starts. Hand your lucky recipient a beautiful, colorful, EASY CARE item!

Having said that, professional aunties, get your hooks a-whirling! Crochet Spot is an excellent resource for awesome baby and kid patterns.

Search “baby” on Crochet Spot
Useful & Cute Pacifier Holder with Animals
Preemie Project (Cute Hats for Sweet Little Ones!)

I want to hear all about the wonderful baby projects that get your hearts & hooks working! Please leave your thoughts, stories, and ideas in the comments below! What is your go-to baby project? Have you been inspired by any particular baby? Are you a “professional auntie” like me? Tell me all about your precious loved ones! Why do babies have to be so darned cute? That’s how they get ya, right!? 😀

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  1. Jodiebodie says:

    Good for you and congratulations on your role of “Professional Auntie”. I do like that term.
    Like you, I have a number of ‘adopted’ nieces and nephews. Some of them still call me “auntie” even though they have reached adulthood now. It is such a nice feeling to be able to support young people and their families.

    In our modern society where families are separated by many miles due to work etc. access to the extended family can be difficult. This is where ‘adopted’ aunties and uncles are important. Raising a family is an important job that requires support. Good for you for generously giving your time, energy, yarn and love! I am sure it is much appreciated.

    When dealing with teens, they will often won’t listen to their parents. I tell the teens that it is my job as their auntie to give advice, even when they don’t ask for it! They seem to cope with that reasoning and listen to the message, even if that very same message was dismissed when it came from the parents. Sometimes they need to have the care and love reinforced from other adults. Aunties and Uncles are important mentors in a child’s life.

    New babies are very exciting! I can’t wait to see all the cute things that you have made.

    • Melinda says:

      I am gran to many unrelated as well as related. Babies keep on coming, so I am always making baby clothes, afghans/shawls and toys. I am always looking for unusual patterns.

  2. Akorin (Nelita) says:

    Dear “Professional Auntie”,

    It’s very nice to read your article. It gives me inspiration to crochet now a bib for my 4-month old granddaughter (Meya), who lives in Australia with her parents and an older brother (Noah) who is 30 months old.

    When Noah was born, I was there in Australia for three months. I crocheted his baptismal dress…and Meya is going to use this on her baptism. Went back to Sweden in March 2012. I have crocheted for Noah some toys, a bonnet, and a few other things.

    When Meya was born I crocheted a hexagonal baby blanket. Now I’d like to do some bibs, booties and amigurumi toys.

    I love to crochet and I have a weakness to buy yarns when they are on sale, thinking always that I could do something with it. I have at least three big boxes of yarns where I can get the materials to do something.

    More power to your “auntie”.

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