Give Crochet Gifts You Do Not Have to Crochet!

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Time’s a-ticking, people, and we’re careening our way toward the new year without slowing down. Now take a look at your gift-making list… Are you panicked yet?

Breathe. There are times when we all bite off a little more than we can chew. I’m here to tell you that you can still incorporate crochet into your gift giving without actually having to do the crocheting! Sounds great, right? Time’s a-ticking, so let’s go!

Learn to Crochet Kit This is perfect for that person who is always asking you to crochet something for them. Let them make it themselves!! 😀 Clearly, you should frame the gift in a loving way – more like sharing your love of crochet. In order to make a personalized learn to crochet kit, pick out a Crochet Spot pattern that you think your friend will love. Make sure it’s an easy pattern, like Amy’s Easy Chunky Cap, or a very basic scarf, or Rachel’s Awesome Cardholder. Print the pattern (or all three!) and place it into a page protector.

Then choose a skein (or two) of yarn that you think your friend will love and that will go great with the pattern. Be sure to also add in a hook that is appropriate for the yarn size. Remember that it can be a lot easier for beginners to work with larger yarns and hooks. Please also remember to include smooth yarn in your kit. Your friend will have the benefit of your experience and won’t make the rookie mistake of buying fun fur for his or her first project!

Place these items into a tote bag or project bag and you have a great & very thoughtful crochet-themed gift. Who knows? Maybe your friend will become your best crocheting buddy!

Buy Handmade Crochet This is a great option if you have time for shipping and a few bucks left in your budget. Since many of us may sell our crochet online, why not pay it forward and buy the careful handiwork of a fellow crocheter? I just took a few minutes to do a quick search on Etsy for handmade crochet and found these cute things. I have absolutely no affiliation with any of them. I’m just showing some of the pretty things you can find there.

You can find these on Etsy.

You can find these on Etsy.

Starting in the top lefthand corner and going clockwise, they are – Gray Slouchie Beanie $40 from foreverandrea, Autumn Leaf Scarf $45 from CrochetedByLyubava, Puff Stitch Ear Warmer $15 from Crochet4Cali, Leg Warmer with Button $25.60 from EmofoFashion, Newborn Baby Blanket $27.41 from Crochetmignonne. You can search these on

Crochet IOU Well, this one you have to crochet… eventually. It is best if you are already working on a project for someone and just won’t have it finished in time for the gift giving date. Before you give this, be sure you will finish the thing, because your recipient will be looking forward to it!! I think if the project will be finished & gifted withing a week after the holiday, it is okay to give an IOU.

In order to give a Crochet IOU, make (or buy) an elaborate and special card. You may even want to put a bow and ribbon to “wrap” the card. Inside of the card, include a swatch of the yarn you’re using. Write up a little poem that expresses your appreciation of the recipient and all the loving care you’re putting into the handmade gift. You can give clues as to what the gift is, or even tell them what it is if you want. Let them know that you’ll send it along and/or give it to them as soon as it is done. After the IOU is given, let your recipient know when you’re working on it through text messages. You can even send little snap shots to document your work.

When the project is done, ends are woven in, and the whole thing is washed and blocked, send it right along, or drive it right over to your friend’s house. They will LOVE it!

Do you think you may use any of these tips for giving? Which Crochet Spot patterns would you use in your Learn to Crochet Kit? Which online crochet sellers’ work do you enjoy? Have you ever given a crochet IOU? If so, how did it go? Please leave your ideas, thoughts, and questions in the comment section below. Thanks and happy holidays!

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  1. Rachel Werley says:

    Hi! I actually am running out of time to crochet another gift. So I too went on Etsy and found Pasttime Passion-Stef Miller. I purchased a beautiful scarf and crocheted wine holder. I was very pleased with her work and they shipped the very SAME day. She also has some very cool items that I may go back and get for myself. It felt great to patronize a fellow crocheter and still be able
    to give a handmade gift.

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