The Room is Clean and Christmas Looming

By Veronica Smith – 18 Comments

Well the craft room is organized and my excitement sparked about what I can do with all the new found (well re-found) yarns, threads and what-not. I do want to try my hand at adding crochet to fabric to jazz up clothes and things. It should be simple enough in most cases. I think I will start by making some lacy edges for a plain top or 2 and see how that goes. I have some knee length pants that I wouldn’t mind jazzing up a bit. I thought I might undo the side seam and crochet a narrow panel as an insert. I will have to think about that one for a bit.

Some ideas I have:

Use the Angel Wings Necklace without the neck strap and put it on a ‘V’ shaped neckline.

Use the Royal Scarf and just make it the length to go around the base of a shirt or jean leg.

Also read “Stick a Flower on it.”

Example of Crochet and Fabric

Example of Crochet and Fabric

Then it happened – I was in the Post Office and there was a large sign with a count down to Christmas. Now I know not everybody reading this will celebrate the Christian Christmas, however there will be those who do, or maybe you have another celebration coming up. I came home and made up a list on my computer with all the names of the people that we shall be giving gifts to this year.

Next to them I have written what they shall be getting. Not all are crochet related however a lot are. I have made the font black for the names. The presents are in a blue font if I have them here already and in red if I need to make or purchase them still. There are a lot of red ones. I am also going to make hair ties and small toys whilst sitting at bus stops and dancing lessons so I can give to the local non-denominational charity that makes up baskets for those on lesser income who cannot provide for Christmas. I am going to make things like hand towels and bath sets for the women as well, however I am a bit stumped as to what to make the men. We get a list that says ‘x’ number of boys/girls under 4 etc – all in age group and gender blocks and then how many adults and how many Grandparents and how many elderly that are on their own. It is summer here at Christmas so scarves and beanies aren’t quite the thing! Any suggestions?

There are a heap of free patterns on Crochet Spot and in the store however in need to be pointed in the right direction for ideas. Women of all ages are simpler and children are pretty easy to, however boys from about 10 to grandpa – I have no idea. Phone covers, I would suspect, are not needed for these families.

Well, whilst you’re putting on your thinking caps for me suggesting what I can make for charity for men you can let me and other readers know what your up to for the ‘silly season’.

How do you organize what you do?

Have you started or finished or still getting motivated?

What percentage of gifts do you think will be crochet related?

What Crochet Spot things have you decided to make this year for gifts?

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  1. Rachel S. says:

    What about things like water bottle carriers or can cozies? A felted wallet? A simple fisherman’s type floppy sun hat?

    As for othe things, I don’t really organize all that much. I probably should, but it just never happens. I have a few plans for crochet gifts this year, but I’m not sure how many of them will get done.

  2. wendy says:

    I’m planning on a completely handmade Christmas (except for my husband and stepdaughter who wouldn’t appreciate it), but I also do other crafts such as sewing and beading so it’s not all crocheted. I started back in January but still have a long way to go.

    I’m struggling to think of men gifts, they really are hard.

  3. Lynne says:

    I made my son a big granny square afghan with two coordinating pillows for a Christmas present two years ago. Last year I made him a scarf and hat. This year I’m making three, maybe four, dishclothes with a purchased dish towel that goes with all the colors. He’s always been into dragons and the dishclothes all have dragon patterns.

    I hadn’t really made anything specifically for my husband (I’m not counting the household stuff we both use), but he asked if I was able to make mittens. I wasn’t sure I could, but I found a mittens, scarf and hat pattern and already made a set for my daughter and now I’m working on his set when he’s not around.

  4. Jumasto says:

    Last year I made mittens without fingers and hats/scarves for most of the people on my list. This year I’m making some baby gifts for my new grandniece, and sweater vests for 2 of my granddaughters. I’ve started one of the vests, but I still have time because it’s an easy pattern that I made up myself. The baby items will take no time at all. My arthritis in my thumbs has worsened, making crochet difficult. I can only work for a short period of time.

  5. Sandy says:

    You “shamed” me into cleaning my stash, even it is just underbed boxes and a roll-around suitcase. Now, on to Thanksgiving and Christmas projects. The Candy Corn pocket will be perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving (fall leaves).
    Even if they they do not appreciate it, the family all get handmade gifts. This year, a Angry Birds Green Pig toilet paper cover for my grandson (30 yrs) is already done! Here in Texas is is so warm that hats, scarves, mittens are only used a few weeks of the year. Kitchen stuff is big on my list.
    Anybody got any fresh ideas?

  6. Jumasto says:

    Sandy: I don’t know what you’ve already made, so I don’t know if these ideas will be ‘fresh’, but I thought I would mention them anyway. You can find free patterns for sun hats for the family, which can be altered using a camouflage or ‘men’s’ color yarn to make hats for men, kind of like fishing hats. Of course, there are always children’s hats patterns available. You can also crochet socks using lightweight or 100% cotton yarn, or house slippers in cotton yarns. Bathing suit coverups are great for the females members. Vests are also great for all members of the family.

  7. Peggy says:

    Hi – I’m in the midst of moving, so I’m not sure how much crocheting will go into my gifts this year. I am, however, making a number of items for charity — some hats and scarves, already done, for a local Domestic Violence shelter for the kids that come there with few clothes, some felted purses for my local chapter of CGOA (Three Rivers Crochet in Pittsburgh) for our booth at a holiday sale in December, to raise funds for Rwanda Knits and local VA programs, and projects for the Facebook group Charity Crochet Exchange — I’ve been working on these all fall, along with an ongoing Prayer Shawl program.

    For a kitchen, you might try crocheting scrubbies. My sister tells me many of her friends are asking for one, after she showed them the ones she’s made.

  8. Jan says:

    The last two years, everyone got handmade gifts from me. This year I am having surgery, so nobody’s getting nothin’. I have made hats, embroidered pillowcases (4 sets and 6 singles), made scarfs (20+), sequined calendars (4 for them and one for me). I think I am all crafted out, and need a rest. I usually start in January, take a break in the summer, and finish in the fall. In addition to my family, I usually make stuff for the girls at work (8). Last year they all got dishcloths, some knitted, some crocheted, with wooden spoons.

  9. Peggy says:

    I once read a suggestion (perhaps here?) to work on holiday gifts throughout the year, using birthdays as the deadline for each person, to spread them out (I’m famous for finishing gifts on Christmas Eve!).

    For gifts for men, you might try socks, a scarf, or even a mug with a handmade cozie. I made a batch of cozies for a fundraiser a year ago. A friend wanted gifts for the men attending her 50th wedding anniversary. She offered to pay $5 for each one we made; that $5 went to a charity our crochet group supported.

    If any of the men (or women!) support an athletic team, a gift crocheted in team colors could be a hit!

  10. Cami says:

    These are interesting ideas. I make my dad and my brother scarves and fingerless mittens, etc. They love them! You could do messenger bags, laptop sleeves, hats, etc. You could do a back of the car-seat organizer for a man, or something to help organize their closets, etc. A pillowcase or a lap blanket might be good, too.

    You could even do simple bracelets and necklaces depending upon the man. I think my brother might wear a bracelet if it were really simple…

    The thing that makes crocheting for men hard is that they usually don’t like the fun color combinations or lacy stitches we enjoy crocheting. Generally, if you keep it subdued, a guy will like it. 🙂

  11. Cami says:

    Or maybe an amigurumi with a weighted bottom for a desk decoration. A picture frame? I’m getting inspired here. I’m going to write a “crochet for men” christmas gift post. 🙂

    I always love your writing, Veronica! & thanks for getting me excited for Christmas!! 🙂

  12. Dorothy Schmidt says:

    I crochet small baskets with handles, the kind that might fit on a table at each place as party favors. For Halloween they are orange with black handles, and pumpkin faces embroidered on them.. Christmas, most of them are white with a snowman’s face stitched on, or since you don’t have snowmen, maybe a Santa. Anyway you get the idea.
    I fill them with small treats – candies, gum, crocheted earrings/keychains, even a flashdrive for the computer geek. For a special friend who doesn’t drive, i put a little note redeemable for a trip to the Craft Store.

  13. Cami says:

    I’ve decided there is no “crochet for men”, just crochet. 🙂

  14. Victoria says:

    Beanies? Fingerless gloves? Mittens? Boot liners? Scarves?

  15. nancy says:

    Love the stockings!

  16. Ninz says:

    One idea for 12 year old boys – hacky sacks.

  17. Veronica Smith says:

    ……………just had an idea. Golf club covers. Do golf clubs get cold?
    I also made a crochet ‘Tardis” and ‘Darlek” for my hubby one year. You will only know what i am on about if you are a Dr Who fan. Maybe a cushion or pillow for the computer chair. A remote control holder that goes over the arm of a chair. Mmmmmm… I’ll keep thinking.

  18. Peggy says:

    I’ve seen a good number of crochet patterns for golf club covers! At Three Rivers Crochet we’ve made of number of Sci-Fi items for special events, too.

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