Use Technology to Get Off the “Crochet Island”

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A Guest Post by Patricia Shuler.

I was talking with my mom a few days ago. She sits on the couch at night while my dad watches whatever sporting event is on. She knits, crochets, needlepoints… she does it all. I asked her what kind of mobile apps she used to help her keep track of her projects, and she gave me a whole list, but then she sighed and gave me an exasperated look – “Pattie, sitting here can be kind of like being on an island.” I immediately abandoned the idea of re-hashing another “apps list” and probed her for more.

She went on to tell me that technology has actually helped her in more ways than just the ability to manage her projects with apps, that it actually gives her a sense of community when she’s not with her knitting or crocheting group.
I know what she means. As a writer, I understand the solitude of a hobby or profession that is solo in nature. So, here are a few of the ways she connects with her hobby using technology.

My mom is always working on something new. “Mom, where do you get all these ideas from?” She admitted that she just listens to what other people are doing, especially on podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to snatch up ideas and listen to sources that have been crocheting for a long time or do it professionally. They’re also a great resource for hints, tips and tricks for getting through that tough pattern or stitch. As my mom said, “It’s like being a nerd at ComiCon.”

Here are a few of the Podcasts my mom listens to on her Ultrabook (or iPod touch, depending on which is charged):

CraftLit – This is a podcast for those that love books as much as crafting. The podcast kicks off with a little talk about crafts, then Heather Ordover teaches a piece of classical fiction. It’s like book club with crafts, without the books.

Yarn Craft – This is a podcast for those looking for a little inspiration. Listeners will also get information on the different possibilities crafting with yarn brings. This is for knitters, crocheters and anyone that enjoys crafting with yarn.

YouTube is filled with video tutorials and other types of videos that are aimed to help crocheters. One of the most popular, and one that my mom watches on a regular basis, is Knitting Daily TV’s “Crochet Corner” with Kristin Omdahl. Type “knitting daily tv crochet” or “crochet” into YouTube’s search bar and you’ve got hundreds of videos at your disposal.

Online communities (like Crochet Spot!)
Is the number of people in your crochet group dwindling? It happens; we all get a little busy. You’ve found your way all the way here, though, so you’re in the right spot. With online crochet communities, you can find thousands of other people like you. Maybe you need a quick Q&A with someone, anyone, on how to get that pattern finished up. Maybe it’s a how-to that you’re looking for. Or maybe you’ve got a pattern of your own that you’d like others to try out. Communities like Crochet Spot are perfect for the crocheter in all of us.

Patricia Shuler is a staff writer for and She lives in Oakland, California.

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  1. Bailey says:

    There aren’t that many local crocheters around me so I’d be lost without Crochetville to keep me up with what’s going on.

  2. Lane† says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Patricia Shuler!!

  3. Tracy Joyner says: is my link to the world and I’ve made many friends there!

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