When Crochet Met Meditation

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A Guest Post by Tameko.

Crochet came into my life in 2008. While I have always been around ladies who enjoyed the art of crochet throughout my entire life, I did not start working with crochet until much later in life. One of the things I realized while working on a pattern is that the activity itself is very calming and ushers in much needed meditation time.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher, I have come to understand and appreciate the body/mind/spirit connection and how important it is to cultivate a more healthy relationship of the three. Through divine intervention, I found out that the art of crochet can assist in the cultivation of this much needed balance.

Every time I begin to chain for a pattern, I am clearing my mind for the purpose of focusing on the instructions so I can complete the project accurately. I keep my focus completely on the pattern. Oddly enough, even if I’m in front of the television trying to figure out who’s going to be voted off of American Idol or The X Factor, the simplicity and complexity of the stitches and pattern calls my attention back each time.

Once I’ve gotten a pattern memorized, then from that point, I can stitch without interrupting myself. I find my mind is more relaxed. I am not worried about any issues or problems from everyday life. I let all that go. I am completely engrossed in my crochet project.

This inspired me to create a meditation shawl pattern. So for anyone who loves big crochet projects or if you’re just a meditation enthusiast, this is a great pattern for you.

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  1. Judi Gums says:

    I so agree. At times of stress I always turn to my crocheting and work on something. It is calming, gives me something else to think about and sometimes even allows me the time to come up with a solution to a problem.
    Happy stitching

  2. Varsha suraiya says:

    Oh yes,crochet works wonders for me too in times of stress as the rhythm of a continuous pattern stitch is very soothing.The concentration of setting a new pattern or following instructions often take away my mind from worries and then after a while the stress eases.Any time the mind is completely occupied and distracted it is like meditation form. I love to have more than one project at a time so if I get stuck in one I can switch to the second one and come back to the first one later.This also helps to innovate the project as I get ideas in a different manner often.hope I do not sound too complicated but crochet is a saviour more often than I thought.

  3. Linda Mitteness says:

    It’s funny that you wrote this at this time — I’ve known how to crochet for 50 years, but have done it sporadically, until I retired early due to a disabling illness. I started crocheting with a small group of women at church – we call ourselves the DAMN group(domestic arts, meditation and nurture) and we make hundreds of lap robes and scarves and hats for nursing home residents and homeless people. As I began to work regularly on these projects, my inner healing increased gradually. Now, I’ve begun felting, both needle felting and crochet felting, and have just shown my wares at two craft fairs — and now I find peace in my life that is far beyond anything I expected — I do crochet for service and I do it because I love color and texture and this work, both the charity work and the fine work that I sell, give me tremendous support. I have often studied meditation but only recently realized that what I was doing with my crochet hook was and is the most effective, richest meditation practice that I have ever done. Such a blessing.

  4. Peggy says:

    Both crocheting and knitting are very calming. When I was submitted into the hospital to have an operation I was very very nervous and my initial blood pressure was off the wall. The doctor told me he might not be able to operate because of that. But I asked him if I could just have some time to crochet a project I brought while waiting. Withing 15 minutes my pressure was normal and he was astonished. Maybe it was just the fact I was thinking about something else but when upset I find just the act of working a project with my hands diverts my anxiety and calms me.

  5. Varsha suraiya says:

    Hi Peggy, that is good to know that crochet also helps control pressure.very interesting and surely therapeutic so must go on as I seem to be on the right path!

  6. Tameko says:

    Wow…it’s so nice to read everyone’s comments on crocheting and meditation and inner healing. Peggy I’m glad you found a great inner peace that assisted you while going through your operation and recovery. I found that any type of creative work (crafts, arts, writing) are all wonderful ways to keep us calm, peaceful, and receptive to healing. Linda, I love the name of your group, the DAMN group. That really caught my eye at first and I read the meaning of the acronym and was just delighted. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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