3 Reasons to Try Tunisian Crochet!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – April 28th, 2013 11 Comments

Drop everything and grab a long crochet hook. Now! 🙂 I just learned the fabulous technique called Tunisian crochet and I want everyone to try it!

First you may want to know what Tunisian crochet is. Well, if you’ve ever seen the long crochet hooks or the shorter ones with long cords hanging off them, you’ve seen a Tunisian crochet hook. In order to start, you’d just need one of those and some yarn. The reason the hooks are longer is because when you work a forward pass in Tunisian crochet, all of the stitches stay on your hook. During the reverse pass, you work all of those live stitches off your hook. It’s fun. It’s like a cross between crochet and knitting. Here are the top three reasons I’m loving Tunisian crochet right now.
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Crochet Pattern: Mimosa Scarf

By Amy – April 26th, 2013 13 Comments
When I first received a ball of Homespun in Mimosa I wasn’t sure I liked it but by the time I started rolling it into a ball I saw the color change and loved it immediately. This scarf exhibits its color change perfectly. Aside from that, its a wonderful addition to a spring wardrobe, or even early fall. Where I live I wouldn’t recommend it for summer, but I’m sure there are people in cooler areas that would find it a great choice for those summer months. Either way, the netting pattern to the scarf gives it a delicate look, while the bulky weight of the yarn is light.

Skill Level:

Finished Size: 70 inches (178 cm) long


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40% OFF Crochet Patterns – Extended!

By Rachel Choi – April 25th, 2013 Be the first to comment

Lots of folks have already taken advantage of the 40% off crochet pattern sale, but if you haven’t gotten your patterns yet, you still have time! The sale is being extended until April 30th at 11:59pm EST. Currently, all the flower patterns are on sale plus a bunch of bonus patterns. Feel free to roam all the categories in the store to see what you like. You can also visit the “all patterns” page to see all the patterns in the store. All the patterns that are on sale are already marked down and will state that it is apart of the sale at the beginning of the pattern’s description on the pattern’s page. There’s no need to enter any coupon codes. Just add the patterns to your cart and check out.

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Have fun shopping and crocheting!

Crochet Pattern: Double Shell Bracelet

By Candace – April 23rd, 2013 3 Comments
Here is a quick, simple bracelet you can wear every day. Changing the thread and ribbon colors leaves you with endless combinations. While the stitch pattern is simple, the fine thread and construction make this pattern suited for more experienced crocheters. crochet_double_shell_bracelet

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Crochet Pattern: Doll Bathrobe with Slippers

By Rachel Choi – April 21st, 2013 Be the first to comment
There’s a new pattern in the Crochet Spot Store! Crochet this robe and matching slippers for a special doll who’s ready to sit back and relax. The robe is crocheted all in one piece from the top down, so that no sewing is required. The strap is crocheted separately, then tied around the waist to secure the robe. Slippers are seamlessly crocheted from the bottom up, and fit snugly around the doll’s feet. Feel free to mix and match any two complementing colors to create this robe and slipper set. For a soft, fuzzy outfit, use a boucle or short eyelash yarn.

crochet doll bathrobe with slippers

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Crochet Pattern: Three Strand Hook Case

By Amy – April 20th, 2013 7 Comments
Now I must admit, my color choice for this pattern is quite radical, but honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a lovely blend of contrasting colors. This hook case is sturdy enough to hold your crochet equipment and pretty enough to show off your style. Have fun playing with all the amazing possibilities! Three Strand Hook Case

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Customer Appreciation Sale – 40% OFF Patterns!

By Rachel Choi – April 18th, 2013 2 Comments

It’s that time of the year again! As a THANK YOU to all the loyal Crochet Spot readers, we’re hosting the annual 40% off flower sale. We’ve discounted a bunch of other patterns as well!! What better way to give thanks than to give flowers? The sale starts now and ends on April 24, 2013 at 11:59PM EST. So feel free to check out the store, and see which pattern’s you’d like for 40% off.

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Thanks again to all the Crochet Spot readers! Crochet Spot wouldn’t be the great place it is today without you and your support.

P.S. You can see most of the flower patterns in the Toy and Novelty Items category but don’t forget to check out the other categories as well for the extra patterns that are on sale!

How to Join Crochet Pieces (or Seam) Using Slip Stitches and the Outside Loops

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – April 17th, 2013 3 Comments

There are many ways to join crocheted pieces together. This tutorial will focus upon joining two granny squares together using slip stitches and the outside loops. This particular technique can be used to join any crocheted pieces together, including seams on garments or accessories. The resulting seam is very strong and will make your pieces look like they are sitting side by side. I like this seam for modular pillows, blankets, and bags.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be using pieces and joining yarn in contrasting colors. If all of the pieces and joining yarn are of the same color, this seam should be invisible. Yarn and hook size do not matter for this practice tutorial.

If you’d like to follow along step by step, you may first use the granny square crochet pattern to make two 2-round granny squares. Then use your remaining yarn and your hook to follow along. If you need to review the slip stitch, check out the slip stitch tutorial.

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Crochet Pattern: Open Star Motif

By Candace – April 16th, 2013 3 Comments
Joined with itself or other motifs, this delicate star will look lovely in a finished piece. It also makes a great accent for apparel and accessories and can even stand alone as a piece of jewelry or a bookmark. crochet_open_star_motif

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Crochet Pattern: Cable Bobble Bag

By Candace – April 14th, 2013 2 Comments
There’s a new Crochet Pattern in the Crochet Spot Store! This cabled bag has an interesting shape and texture. It is spacious enough to be an everyday purse or carry a small craft project. A simple cable pattern, with bobbles placed down the middle, crisscrosses its way down the front of the body. The body of the bag is crocheted all in one piece, then the straps are crocheted separately and sewn on. The pattern starts with the front of the bag, working from the top down. Then the back of the back is crocheted working from the bottom up. crochet cable bobble bag

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