Crochet Pattern: Classic Baby Mittens

By Rachel Choi – December 30th, 2012 Be the first to comment
There’s a new pattern in the Crochet Spot Store! Classic thumb-less baby mittens are easy and fast to crochet. This simple pattern can be crocheted in a variety of boy and girl colors to add to your baby’s wardrobe. Don’t forget to get creative and add your own appliques or embellishments to the mittens to spice them up! The mittens are crocheted seamlessly in the round from the bottom up. Elastic is crocheted into the mittens at the cuffs so that the mittens will stay on when baby arms are wiggling.

crochet classic baby mittens

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Crochet Pattern: Mini Sweater Ornament / Applique

By Corinne Munger – December 29th, 2012 5 Comments
After I made the first one of these, the ideas started flowing… make them in all different colors, attach to string as if on a clothesline, how about in your child’s school colors, or make a set for coasters? These can also be used as an applique on whatever you’d like. They’re small at only 3 1/2″ high and quick to make. You can embroider letters on the front, or use more than one color and make patterns. Lot’s of fun for a cute little shape. Hint: Don’t make the sleeves as long as the pattern suggests, and you have a T-Shirt shape instead! Have fun with this! sweater mini 003

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Teach Someone to Crochet?

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – December 28th, 2012 23 Comments

Well, 2012 is on its way out and 2013 will be coming in. Soon we’ll all be committing to our resolutions, as is a tradition here on Crochet Spot. I would like to suggest a goal and hope it will make it to your 2013 list: teach someone to crochet!

Teaching crochet might be easier than it seems. It’s best to have some resources ready, like the wonderful tutorials that Rachel has here on the site. If you are patient and your student is motivated, s/he will be crocheting before long. I think the trick is showing your student something that s/he would love to make.

For every person that “must make” item is different. A friend of mine had to make amigurumi. My students were loving crochet flowers. Many people feel the need to crochet for babies. Whatever the motivation, just be sure you check in with your student to help with his/her project!

Have you ever taught someone to crochet before? Do you have any teaching tips to share? Do you think you’ll give teaching a try in 2013?

Crochet Pattern: Teeny Bird

By Candace – December 27th, 2012 Be the first to comment
As requested, here is a pattern for a tiny thread bird to go with the Branch Pendant, though it can be used on any other project you want to embellish. It can be made with one wing or two. For easier finishing, weave the ends through the pendant (or project of your choice). crochet_teeny_bird

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Crochet Technique: Hairpin Lace – Part 1

By Corinne Munger – December 26th, 2012 28 Comments
I recently came across one of the most gorgeous scarves I’ve ever seen and knew I had to make it. To my surprise, when I read the instructions, it begins with hairpin lace –something I know nothing about, but am now determined to learn. This craft began in Victorian times and is so called because women actually used their hairpins to create this beautiful lace. As seen in the photo, hairpin lace is a length of loops connected by crochet. You can use this for a multitude of items. hairpin lace example

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40% OFF Crochet Patterns for You!

By Rachel Choi – December 24th, 2012 Be the first to comment

You’ve been shopping for all your family and friends, but don’t forget about yourself! As a gift from me to you, please enjoy select crochet patterns in the Crochet Spot Store for 40% off! If you’ve been eying a crochet pattern in the store, now would be the time to get it. I chose some of the most poplar patterns that I think would make wonderful gifts that you can crochet for yourself. After all the work you’ve done this year, I think you deserve it!

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To enjoy this discount, there’s no need to use coupon codes when checking out. Simply add the patterns you’d like to your cart since patterns that are apart of this sale are already marked down. Sale ends Thursday, December 27, 1012 at 11:59pm EST.

happy holidays crochet

No matter where you are in the world, or what holiday you are celebrating, I hope you all have a good one! Have a wonderful time with family and friends…but don’t forget to sneak a bit of crocheting in too!

Crochet Pattern: Easy Adjustable Slippers Version 2

By Rachel Choi – December 23rd, 2012 Be the first to comment
There’s a new pattern in the Crochet Spot Store! As the title states, these slippers are adjustable! They can be made is a variety of styles for both men and women. They can be made in just about any size from babies, kids, to adults. You can use any weight of yarn you like to obtain thick or thin slippers. Feel free to add your own appliques or straps to the slippers to make them uniquely yours. This pattern is not written in a conventional manner since it is extremely adjustable, so there are progressive photos that you can follow as you crochet.

crochet easy adjustable slippers version 2

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Simple Stitches with Many Possibilities

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – December 21st, 2012 5 Comments

I marvel at all that is possible in crochet. I believe I’ve finally found a craft where nothing is impossible. One thing that is entirely fascinating about crochet is all of the cool patterns you can complete with just basic stitches. Even if you stitched only chains and single crochets, you’d still be able to make a great deal of useful and fashionable items, like place mats, bowls, hats, scarves, cowls, handbags, slippers, and more.

Even experimenting with changing just hook size will completely alter the density, drape, and look of the resulting fabric. If you use a very large hook with a thin yarn, you could still have a beautifully draped fabric, using just the aforementioned stitches. Or, depending upon how you put the stitches together, even a small hook with thin yarn could make a slinky or netted fabric.

It is comforting to think that you don’t have to know everything about crochet in order to have such a satisfying hobby with so many possibilities. Which projects with simple stitches do you admire? Have you ever completed a project requiring the knowledge of just a few stitches?

Looking for Inspiration in Crochet

By Corinne Munger – December 20th, 2012 3 Comments

At this writing, the Christmas holiday is near. You’re just finishing up those last few projects that you’ve worked so hard on over the last few weeks. Getting them wrapped, then imagining the recipient’s excitement as they uncover your handiwork, makes it all worth it.

But when the gift giving is over, it can feel like “empty nest syndrome” – there’s no one to make anything for! Maybe now it’s time to make something for your self. You spent so much time making luscious scarves, chunky hats and cozy blankets for everyone else and now it’s time to indulge in YOU! But if you have to make one more scarf, or hat, or glove you’re going to scream! You want something different for you. But what? Crocheted Car Cover

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Crochet Pattern: Christmas Pickle

By Candace – December 19th, 2012 3 Comments
The Christmas pickle is part of a German-American tradition in which the children of the family search for the pickle on the Christmas tree. The first one to find it gets a reward such as the privilege of opening the first gift or good luck. You can adjust the difficulty of this game in your own home by adjusting the size of your hook and yarn or the color of your yarn to make the search easier or harder. crochet_christmas_pickle

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