15 Free Crochet Appliqués!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

I love the idea of crocheting appliques because they are quick and satisfying. I have seen a number of them on different items for babies and children. They look great on everything from onesies to sweaters to jumpers! Appliques can also be a great way to spruce up a tote bag. It is a wonderful way to add a quick, handmade touch to birthday or holiday gift.

In honor of autumn, crochet these favorite fall motifs by Amy!
Amy’s Acorn Appliqué
Amy’s Pumpkin Appliqué
Amy’s Fern Leaf

Fancy & frilly can be good fun with these gorgeous crochet pieces!
Amy’s Keep Calm Crown Appliqué
Candice’s Cut-Out Heart
Amy’s Lovely Little Hearts
Candice’s Open Star Motif
Candice’s Lacy Sun Appliqué

Aw! So cute for kids’ stuff!
Candace’s Something’s Fishy Appliqué
Emilee’s Teddy Bear Appliqué
Candace’s Busy Bee Appliqué
Emilee’s Cherry Appliqué

These three things remind me of life by the sea!
Amy’s Sailboat Appliqué
Amy’s Anchor Appliqué
Amy’s Frilled Parasol Appliqué

Have you crocheted appliqués before? If so, what did you make and how did you use it? Which of these great appliqués would you like to try?

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