15 Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns of 2015

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We had amazing crochet patterns published on Crochet Spot in 2015, thanks to all of our wonderful writers and designers! The patterns range from blankets to home decor to wearable items, so there’s bound to be something you will enjoy crocheting. Here is a roundup of the 15 most popular free crochet patterns that were published on Crochet Spot in 2015. I hope you enjoy all of the patterns, and cheers to a new year and more crochet patterns to come!

Jungle Rhythm Baby Blanket
Autumn Harvest Scarf
Doll Pioneer Bonnet
Mini Santa Hat
Turban Headband

Trundle the Hedgehog Applique
Démodé Summer Cowl
Spring Daisy Flower
Hedgehog Potholder
Classic Square Coaster
Susie Bear Applique
Vintage Tiara Headband
Sweet Little Heart Ornament
Lacy Tunisian Bookmark
Thanks again to all of the wonderful writers and designers who contributed to Crochet Spot in 2015! They all created wonferful patterns that I hope you all will continue to enjoy. What crochet patterns were your favorite? What new crochet patterns would you like to see in the new year? Feel free to let us know by leaving your remarks in the comments below!
Starburst Baby Bib

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  1. fleurdelis says:

    My Susie Bear could be twins with Amy’s. I made 2, sewed them back to back, added a necklace and made a cute pouch for my granddaughter. Amy has offered several nice appliques.

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