Crochet Pattern: Candy Colors Baby Blanket

By Amy Yarbrough – 4 Comments
After I had been crocheting for a little while I wanted to move on to something more advanced, so I decided to make a baby blanket for my cousin’s first baby. I chose Bernat’s Baby Coordinates and found an adorable pattern with double crochet shells. It took me about six months but when I was finished I was thoroughly satisfied with my work. Since then I have made many baby blankets and found that they are my favorite project to come back to. Now I let my creativity roam free and come up with whatever design I feel like at the moment. crochet candy colors baby blanket

There are so many colors and styles to choose from in baby yarns, and they are often so soft and pretty. When shopping for baby yarns it’s a good idea to choose a yarn that is machine washable and dryable. Babies don’t discriminate on what they mess up, and any mother receiving it will be extremely happy for your foresight.

For this blanket I wanted something that would really show off Bernat Baby Coordinates in Tiny Tulips: a lovely blend of lime green, raspberry, purple, and sherbet orange. I saw a design using the granny stitch and a similar striping pattern but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. So I noted my favorite elements and created this one. I hope you like it as much as I do! Have fun crocheting!

Tip: If you’ve ever made a blanket you’ll notice that the part that you made first starts to get a little hairy. To prevent this here is a helpful tip I learned a long time ago. Keep the blanket in a pillowcase and only pull out the top that you are working on. That way the yarn at the bottom won’t constantly be rubbing against your lap and getting fuzzy.

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  1. Joyce says:

    The tip about putting your crochet project in a pillowcase was interesting. I have noticed the yarn getting fuzzy also, but thought it was the result of using a lesser quality yarn compounded by the rubbing.
    Would like to hear other thoughts and experiences concerning this problem.

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