Crochet Patterns for Father’s Day

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When most people think about crocheting, they often don’t associate it with men or even think to crochet something as a Father’s Day gift. But why not? It is the thought that counts, but a gift is even better when dad actually likes it! Crocheted items aren’t just for women. I’m sure a father would appreciate something handmade as long as it’s useful. Here is a list of crochet patterns that you can use to make dad a great crocheted gift that he’ll love.

Crochet Pattern: Fingerless Gloves for Men
These gloves are great for doing everyday work around the house or going for a spin on a bike. The best part is you can adjust them to fit your dad’s hands.

Crochet Pattern: Plarn Can Cozy
For the beer and soda drinks, crochet a can cozy! While you’re at it, you can wrap it up with a pack of your dad’s favorite drinks.

Crochet Pattern: Absolutely Easy Coffee Cup Sleeve
If your dad is a coffee-a-holic (like most are) crochet him a simple coffee cup sleeve to protect his hands from the hot cups.

Crochet Pattern: Chair Cushion
Did you hear someone complaining that his butt hurts from that hard chair? Well, you can come to the rescue by crochet him a comfy chair cushion.

Crochet Pattern: Extra Large Coaster
Have you noticed how men like big mugs and cups? I think it has something to do with not wanting to walk back and forth to refill it. Not all coasters are made for such large cups, but here is a quick pattern that you can use to crochet an entire set that will fit.

Crochet Pattern: Men’s Striped Hat and Scarf Set
Depending where you live in the world, it might not be winter time, but you can still crochet a nice hat and scarf set. It’ll give dad something to look forward to wearing once it gets cold outside.

Crochet Pattern: Absolutely Easy Glasses Case
If dad wears glasses and needs a soft place to keep them, why not crochet him a case in his favorite color?

Get creative and have fun crocheting a wonderful Father’s Day gift that dad will love!
Are you crocheting anything for Father’s Day? Feel free to share your ideas too!

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