Haven for Hands Crochet Hook Set Giveaway

By Rachel Choi – 2 Comments

Free? Did someone say free? We have a crochet hook set from Haven for Hands to giveaway for free! A few weeks ago I did a review on the Haven for Hands Crochet Hook Set, so go check that out if you are interested in learning more about the crochet hooks, case, and notions that come with it. Sarah at Haven for Hands was kind enough to give us an extra set to giveaway to one lucky Crochet Spot reader.

How do you enter to win??
To enter, submit a photo of your crochet WIP (work in progress) or a finished crocheted item you just made into the Finish in ’15 Year Long Challenge. If you are already participating in the challenge, then you are already entered! The hook set will be given away for free as one of the many prizes during our fourth quarter.

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  1. fleurdelis says:

    I have a similar set from the company Clover and am so spoiled that I cannot crochet with the usual long handled hooks. I have duplicate of each hook just in case I misplace one. These hooks look like winners !

  2. monogodo says:

    I purchased one of these when they posted about it on Ravelry.

    It’s a very nice set. I love the scissors that it came with.

    Unfortunately (for me), I’ve since discovered that I prefer an inline crochet hook, and these hooks are tapered. I’ll still keep it, as I think it’s good to be somewhat comfortable with both hook types.

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