Finish in ’15! The Year-Long, WIP/UFO Challenge on Crochet Spot

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 29 Comments

Hello, Crochet Spotters! I have something I think you’re going to love! In my recent post Tackle Your Crocheted Works in Progress in 2015, I began a conversation about getting all those UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and WIPs (Works In Progress) out of your life! These things need to become either FOs (Finished Objects) or yarn that you can use for something else! To get us all motivated to finish or rip back, I am creating a Crochet Spot UFO/WIP Year-Long Challenge for 2015! Yes, there will be prizes!

images by artlikebread

images by artlikebread

If you would like to enter the challenge and follow along in fun, here’s what to do:

1) Find a UFO or WIP.
2) Snap a “before” picture & post it anywhere on the internet – our thread on Ravelry, on facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, photobucket, your own blog, etc!
3) Copy and paste the link to your picture in the comments of this thread, OR email a photo to [email protected] and Rachel will upload your photo for you.
4) Turn it into an FO or unravel it and get your yarn back!
5) Snap an “after” picture and post it as above! (Entry complete)
6) Feel the freedom and do a happy dance!

Optional hashtags: #crochetspot #crochet #finishin15 #wip #ufo #yarnback

Prizes will be drawn once per quarter. You can enter as many times as you like throughout the year!

If you’re in, even just for one teeny project, let me know by chiming in now! Please share this info because the more the merrier! I can’t wait to see how productive we become in 2015! As always, please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below.

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  1. Joyce says:

    I’m in. I have two shelves of wip.
    This is a wonderful idea.

  2. Crystal Wall says: (WIP) (pulled out) (UFO)

    I am in. This is great! I loved the idea of a blog post that’s WIP’s and UFO’s. I was making a granny shrug. I had to tear it back out. I am tired of looking at this black yarn for a nonexisting granny shrug and the yarn calls for another something. I have a WIP on my hook now that’s GOT to get finished. Promise! Thanks for the push. Thanks for hosting. Fingers Crossed!
    Crochet A Day In The Life

  3. Jesse Thomson says:

    I’m in! This is a great motivator to getting our UFOs and WIPs done! I have several projects that need an extra push to get done lol. Thank you! (WIP)

  4. Lee Turner says:

    I’m in. Great idea, Cami! Your previous post really resonated with me, so I was thrilled to see this challenge. I’ve been in a crochet quandary since moving 18 months ago. I think this challenge will help me sort things out, because I definitely have some WIPs (and some are embarrassingly old). I’ll post my first pic soon. Thank you!

  5. Bonnie Banks says:

    Retired for 3 years (praise God) I have been working on numerous projects – some for sale and A LOT for donations. With Christmas conquered, I just this week decided I would attack my UFOs. Some of them are decades old – you know, like the baby blanket for the now 30 year old nephew? Are those projects UFOs or my bucket list? Ha – either way, I’m definitely in.!

  6. Emma says:

    Okay…I have a project that qualified (and pictures, too!) Started an afghan last year, but kind of abandoned it for about 10 months. I didn’t finish it until January 2015. Unfortunately…BEFORE you announced this. Can it still be entered?

  7. Marthe says:

    I’m definitely in, I had actually started doing exactly this about 3 weeks ago, already completed one UFO now it is FO, and a bunch more in various WIP stages — have to take the pictures now. It is so satisfying to finally finish those projects!

  8. Laurelei says:

    I am soooo in, and I can’t wait to finally finish a whole boatload of projects (so I can start on another boatload of new ones, of course!).

  9. fleurdelis says:

    I recently retired, joined a local senior center and attend the crochet and knitting group once a week.
    I am presently rewinding all my left over yarn to use for charity items and donations to the shared yarn stash. Most of the time I am helping another crocheter through a pattern or WIP. Before retiring from the school system, I finished all my WIP’s and UFO’s over the summer.

  10. JustDodie says:

    Count me in!! This was one of my New Year’s resolutions anyway. Will be fun to share photos with others. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to revive my old knit/crochet blog.

  11. Emma says:

    Sounds like fun!

  12. m'si says:

    This is a WIP made of many UFOs. The pieces by the wine rack are more UFOs that need to be added. This is my attempt to finish multiple projects at once.

  13. Maria says:

    Boy do I got ufos.. good incentive program you got here

  14. Lee Turner says:

    OK. Here is my second #WIP to tackle:

    Wish me luck!

  15. Knitmadmum says:

    I am definitely in! I have so many WIP’s it’s embarrassing! Serial starter of new projects disease. Definitely a sufferer of that!

  16. fleurdelis says:

    I would like to participate but finished all my worthwhile UFO’S and WIP’s before the new contest began. Now I am searching through all my yarn containers and totes for a project the needs some love. I am trying to complete a toddlers size sweater, without directions, started 30 years ago for my son and have my fingers crossed. if it happens it will fit my grandson.

    • fleurdelis says:

      That 30 year old WIP sweater went to yarn heaven and returned as a rewound ball of yarn and was reborn today as a FO in the form of very warm triangular neck scarf. Hopefully with a little help from my husband I will be able to send the photos from my camera to Rachel.

  17. Lynn Whinery says:

    I’m in! I have about 6 projects to finish, this is a good motivator.

  18. mary baribeau says:

    I’m in! I have at least 4 projects that I have started after Christmas and need to finish. This is a great challenge for me. Thank you for challenging all of us to complete the projects.

    This is FUN! Good luck to EVERYONE–hey, this contest makes me feel like I’m 15 instead of 55, and that is definitely a GOOD thing! Thanks, Rachel! Maybe now I’ll finally have the incentive to finish that darn Circle Vest!

  20. Aida F. says:

    I’m in, I am trying to start a small business and these UFOs are kind of in my way, so I can’t wait to finish them off and I’ll be sharing this on FB, Google+ and Pinterest, this sounds like fun, good luck ladies! 🙂

  21. Delight says:

    I went through my WIP basket and found this little mouse that I started in January of 2013 (never mind that it was supposed to be a bear!) All I needed to do was sew the legs on. It took me about 10 minutes and now I have an FO instead of a WIP. Oh yeah.

    Here is my before picture!

    And here is my after!

  22. Clarice McCartney says:

    I am in. I have 2 patterns I am doing at the moment. A blanket for my hubby and a turkey center piece for thanksgiving.

  23. Aletha Kelley says:

    I’m in. Gotta blanket to finish

  24. BethAnne Stull says:

    The question I have is, when is this over? I mean can I still enter it or no?
    Thank You in Advance,

  25. Cami says:

    Hi BethAnne. We ran this event all year in 2015. It was a lot of fun, but it has already ended. Subscribe to the newsletter in order to stay on top of new events! 🙂

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