How to Crochet a Floppy Ruffle

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 5 Comments

Ruffles can be a lot of fun! They are great to add to the bottom of a sweater, a hat, or even as a floofy fringe alternative on the ends or sides of a scarf! There are hundreds of ways to crochet ruffles, but we’re going to learn just one here. Excitingly, this version uses both the classic double crochet and the long, slim triple crochet!

Our ruffle relaxing.

Our ruffle relaxing. I could see this at the bottom of a skirt.

Our ruffle letting loose.

Our ruffle letting loose. I could see this on the side of a scarf.

As you can see, this is a versatile ruffle that can be used in different ways for different looks. For the purpose of practicing this skill, we’ll make a swatch in this tutorial. Yarn and hook size don’t matter for this practice swatch.

You may mouse over images for left-handed views.

ch – chain
dc – double crochet
tr – treble crochet
sl st – slip stitch

Foundation: ch 16.

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook (skipped 3 ch count as 1 dc), dc in each ch across: 14 dc

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as 1 dc now and throughout pattern), turn, skip first dc, dc in next dc and in each dc across: 14 dc
Note: The last dc on the row is made in the top of the beginning ch-3 on the previous row.

The photo below shows this done.

Row 3: ch 3, turn, 2 dc in first dc, 2 dc in next dc, *3 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc, repeat from * across: 35 dc

The photo below shows this in progress

Row 4: ch 5 (counts as 1 tr and 1 ch), turn, tr in first dc, ch 1, (tr, ch 1, tr, ch 1) in each dc across: 140 sts
The photo below shows this in progress

Finish off.

Which projects will you spice up with ruffles? If you need any help or have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I have a scarf that I would like to add the ruffle to but I am not sure how. Would I make the ruffle separate and then attach it to the scarf? Or can I just add this rows of pattern to the end before I actually bind off my scarf?

    • Never mind that silly question I ask previously. As usual I was over thinking and making something much harder than it was. I have put the ruffle on the end of my scarf and it looks fabulous! Thank you for the step by step!

  2. Kimberly gray says:

    Doing it around a shirt not sure how to go around…you show back and do I keep going aroung my shirt.

  3. Kimberly gray says:

    How do I go around a shirt with a floppy ruffle…in stead of going back and gorth

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Kimberly! You can work the ruffle in the round by joining the last stitch to the beginning stitch by using a slip stitch. You will work the ruffle instructions the same, just add a join so that the rounds are connected on the ends.

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