How to Crochet: Chain with Bead

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So, you want to learn to crochet with beads? It is easier than you think. Adding beads to stitches you know is as simple as moving a bead to your hook as you’re crocheting a stitch and catching the bead in your work as you yarn over and close the stitch. Once you learn how to crochet with beads using one stitch, you can transfer the same technique to other stitches. This tutorial demonstrates how to crochet chain stitches with beads. Once you have a basic understanding of crocheting chains with beads, try crocheting single crochets with beads or double crochets with beads.

Hover over the images for a left handed view!

For the purpose of this tutorial, you can use any yarn and hook size that you like and any beads that will fit onto your yarn. First, string all of the beads that you want to use onto your yarn. This is very important, because you can not add the beads onto the yarn while crocheting. If you are using different beads, you also want to string them in the order that you want to use them, with the last bead you string being the first bead you’ll crochet with. For this example, the same beads will be used throughout.

To practice chaining with beads, start with a few chains already made. Then move your bead to your hook as shown in the photo below.

Yarn over, as this will catch the bead in your work.

Then pull the yarn through the loop on your hook, as you normally would to complete your chain stitch.

Done! You’ve completed your first chain with a bead!

Feel free to continue practicing by chaining a few stitches, then chaining with a bead. The chains in between the beads, although not required, will help space them out so that you can see the chains with beads even better. Try chaining with beads without extra chains in between for a tighter look.

Have fun crocheting with beads and incorporating them into your projects! Need more help chaining with beads? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll help.

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