How to Crochet: Y Stitch

By Candace – 12 Comments

The Y stitch, as you can imagine is shaped like the letter Y. It is basically a treble with an extra double crochet wrapped around it. This is a fun stitch that you can use when crocheting blankets, clothes, bags, and just about anything you can imagine.

To see a left-handed view, mouse over the pictures.

To start your Y stitch, first work a treble crochet stitch

Next, chain 1.

Double crochet around the post of the treble. You can think of it as a front post stitch, except instead of working into a stitch in the row below, you’re working into the previous stitch of the same row.

And you’re done! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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  1. Grace says:

    If you were going to use the Y stitch in a pattern, say a bag, how many stitches does this simple stitch account for? I count 3. One for the treble, one for the chain, and one for the double. Am I correct?

    Also, if you were going to make two in a row, and wanted to keep the rows even, would you then skip 2, then start your next Y stitch?


  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing that fun stitch.

  3. Pat Haris says:

    After making your chain, which chain do you begin to start you first stitch. Is it the fifth chain from the hook to work the treble?


  4. Connie Whitesel says:

    Thanks! Nice stitch. It always cheers me up a little to see a new Rachel Choi email in my inbox.

  5. John Hablinski says:

    Well there you go. There is something new under the sun after all. This is a stitch which deserves a few hours of play and experimentation. I would love to see what some of crochet’s better designers can conjure up involving this stitch. Please tell them to hurry!

  6. Joyce Armstrong says:

    Can’t wait to try this stitch.

  7. Nita says:

    I collect dolls and crochet many outfits for them, and never sell them. I like the double crochet cross stitch, but wanted a more solid stitch finish. I experimented with several ideas. The one I like best is to single crochet and double crochet rows alternately between the cross stitch rows. It still has an airy look, yet is not so heavy, especially if I am using large yarn. I generally sew the underclothes so the outfits will not look so bulky. I started collecting dolls when I was a little girl, I am now a proud 70 year old, and I have approximately 300 to 400 dolls that measure from 3″ to over 36″. Rachel, I love your helpful hints.

  8. Gayle says:

    nice one… thanks for sharing your ideas… i’m still 14 years old and i wanna learn lots of styles of crochets. 😀

  9. maureen fast says:

    1. Do you have a diagram with arrows pointing to the first new stitch in a row of double crochet? Where do you insert hook?

    2. Which loop goes with the post, the one to the left or right of post?

    3. Is the turning chain the first stitich? Next stitch? Show a diagram pointing to the first stitch in a double crochet across a row.

    4. when you crochet into the last turning chain of a row, just before you turn your work, is the counted as a stitch?

  10. Sandra says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I am writing you a few lines today. I wanted to tell you that i love your site. I know you have a $10 dollar a month fee for your patterns. I work and don’t get a lot of time to crochet which is my favorite pastime. Is there any way to buy your patters without paying the $10 dollars a monthy? Hope to hear from you soon!

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