I Heart Crochet Totes!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 6 Comments

OMG I totes love totes. (Scroll down for translation.)

Crochet totes are everything! (Photo source: flickr (c) Dan Zen  License

Crochet totes are everything! (Photo source: flickr (c) Dan Zen License)

I know, right!?

Translation: “My goodness, I am entirely fond of tote bags. Don’t you agree?”

I may sound a little giddy, but I don’t mind admitting that I do feel quite enthusiastic about crocheted totes. They’re so useful and so easy to make! I love a quick project and a good tote is definitely worth the return on investment.

As a whole totes are hearty, durable, and they’ll quickly become the thing you just take for granted in your life. You don’t have to treat a tote delicately because typically they’re made with workhorse yarns that will stand up to the rough ways we handle totes.

Here are eight great uses for totes:
– Keep one packed with your gym clothes and a towel.
– Hang one on the door to collect library books that need to be returned.
– Leave a couple in the car to use during shopping trips to the farmer’s market or grocery store.
– Dedicate one to wrangling your used grocery bags that will be repurposed for trash or recycling.
– Let the kids pack a small tote with their favorite toys du jour to keep them occupied while you are running errands together.
– Place round-bottomed totes on shelves to stow your YARN STASH!
– Keep a tote full of your favorite time-passers (books, journal, hand-held video game, crossword puzzles, crochet projects, etc.) in your car for those times you’ll be stuck waiting in line, at the DMV, or in a doctor’s waiting room.
– And last but not least – by all means, tote a crochet project bag!!

Here six great tote patterns that can be found right here on Crochet Spot!

Ivy League Tote
Plarn Market Bag
Magical Market Bag
Bow Peep Tote
Kiss Me Bag
Drawstring Pouch (a tiny tote)

Thanks, Rachel, for all of these totes fetch totes! 😉 Translation: “completely enchanting tote bags!”

So, Crochet Spotters, what do you like to use your totes for? Do you ever crochet totes? If so, what is your favorite yarn to create totes with?

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  1. Olivia says:

    I LOVE making crochet tote bags!! They’re so useful in SO many different ways! My favorite part of making them is picking out the fun colors to use. I think I may go and pick out one of the lovely patterns you’ve posted and make a brand new CROCHET TOTE! 😀

  2. Lovely roundup of crochet totes. You can’t ever have too many of them!

  3. BonBon says:

    Totes are my favourite thing to crochet. I’ve made so many that I find myself giving them away, yet I just keep making more. I love the versatile designs and choosing different colours for them. I find I can be more daring with my colours in a tote than I would for a wearable item like a sweater or even a hat. I typically use Redheart Super Saver or Redheart Comfort yarns for tote bags, as I find they are durable and keep the shape of the finished product wonderfully. I also like the range of colours available.

  4. Michele says:

    Thanks for sharing your gift with us all <

  5. Erin says:

    I have made a few totoes over the years, and the ones I use most are the plarn grocery totes. I made a matching set of three, and I use them constantly. I pack them full of heavy groceries, and they are still going strong after three years.

    I also made my sister a plarn beach bag once. Sand sifts out of it, and water runs through it, and it dries fast. Perfect!

    All this “tote chat” is making me want to make another one. 🙂

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