Rachel’s Holiday Gift Making Adventure

By Rachel Choi – 17 Comments

It’s funny that I’ve written several post about crocheting gifts for the holidays and I haven’t even started my gifts!! So, in order to make sure I have fun and get things done, I’m going to blog about it. I mean, if I write it for the whole world to see, I have to get it done, right?

Here are the crochet gifts that I plan to make:

1. Shawl for my aunt – not sure what design to use yet.
2. Something for my 2 little cousins (both girls) – lots of things I can make for them. But I want to make sure it won’t be one of those things that gets tossed aside after a couple days. (I know how kids can be, I used to be one!)
3. Something for my mom – shes a toughie. I have no clue what to make her, but I think she would appreciate something handmade.
4. Everyone else – probably won’t want something crocheted, so I’ll do something else for them.

Gift Box

I’ll be sure to update you as I progress. It’ll be a challenge to get things done in time, but I’m sure with your help, it’ll all come together. Do you have crochet things you need to get done? Feel free to join in on the adventure and list what you need to get done.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh Rachel, you are a brave one to post this entry. 😉
    I made all handmade gifts except for 2 last year. It is a big job but very rewarding.
    I have a request for help. You are one savvy crocheter so I thought I would ask you.
    I want to know how to correctly do the crochet stitch that supposedly looks like knit when completed. I heard the instructions were that you slip stitch in the back loops instead of single crochet in the back loops like you do for the ribbed look, but I keep trying and somehow I am making a mistake. It does not look like knit. :S If you know the stitch I am talking about, Can you please post in the future on here how to do it? THANKS! (If you are not sure of that stitch, it is ok! No problem.)

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you Rachel!

  3. Tracie says:

    A top down cardigan for my 5 year old daughter
    a baby blanket for a former teacher/ babsitter
    a scarf for our church soup kitchen (I have a bag full of scarves/ hats out of scrap yarn that I will donate, from scraps through the past year)

    I finished a shawl for my mom-in-law

  4. Jessica says:

    ok, I also have sooo many crochet projects I have to get done for the holidays…and they all have a deadline date…

    1) a blanket for the lady who taught me to crochet because she just went into a nursing home–due this Saturday…
    2) a scarf and hat for a little boy off the angel tree–due Dec. 4th
    3) a scaft and hat for my secret santa at work–due Dec. 18th
    4) a blanket for a girl I work with who is giving it as a gift–due Dec. 23rd
    5) 2 hats…one for dad and one for my brother–due Dec. 24th
    6) a set of wash clothes that are for mom–due Dec. 24th

    I know…it’s a ton of stuff…I need help and lots of prayers that I will get it all done in time. 🙂

  5. Bananas says:

    Hope everyone -including me- gets their projects done. heres my list

    5 gift bags
    4 beanies and scarfs
    3 set of the Nativity
    2 tinkerbell dolls
    1 “big” girl doll

    hehehehe I just noticed that my list look like the 12 days of Christmas.
    Maybe next year we should start early. ;-P

  6. Jodie says:

    Fortunately, I am not working on any Christmas projects this year. I’ve finished the animals for the little ones and the purse for my co-worker. Now, I’m working on the football blanket for my hubby, which he knows will not be completed by the holiday. I’m in good shape, didn’t do so well with my shopping, however… that I have not even begun!

  7. Peggy says:

    I’ve got one hat done, but with a friend coming to visit this weekend I’m taking the week off to prepare my apartment. After that, I will be making hats, mittens, scarves, and a nifty cowl collar for my only sibling. As she was hosting her family for Thanksgiving, I asked her to have everyone trace their hand — to use as a way to measure for the mittens for which I’ve found a great pattern under Bev’s Country Cottege (I think that’s the correct name) on the Internet. I found that pattern through afghans for Afghans for which I made, this fall, a baby blanket, 2 pairs of mittens, and 3 hats — along with around 8 hats to go to children in Guatemala in January with friends whose office goes there annually for a mission trip.

    More on my progress later.

    == I may add some lanyards from Rachel’s pattern!!

  8. Lorelei says:

    1 scarf for Grandma
    1 scarf for friend
    1 pair wristwarmers for brother’s girlfriend

    In progress:
    1 scarf for Mom
    1 pair wristwarmers for cousin

    Yet to make:
    1 scarf for friend
    1 scarf for aunt

    Gave up on:
    10 ornaments for coworkers (Made up my own pattern for ornament #1, but didn’t write it down. Attempt at ornament #2 failed. Totally gave up and baked for the coworkers instead!)

    1 afghan for brother & girlfriend (With only 5 rows done and TONS to go, this is now going to be a belated housewarming gift when I visit them in February.)

  9. Brenda says:

    Here’s an idea I’ve used (a couple times) before. If you can’t finish a special gift project in time, wrap it up anyway—-with all the extra yarn, pattern, etc.—and give it to the intended recipient. The pattern will show what is coming, and (so far) everyone has appreciated the fact that a gift of “time” is involved as well as the finished gift. The recipient has a gift to open, and you are spared the stress of trying to finish in too-little time!

    Also, doesn’t potentially sacrifice the quality of a well-constructed item!!!

  10. Kerri says:

    I’m making all the gifts I’m giving this year.

    amigurumi butterfly
    amigurumi flying pig
    eight hats
    lots of dish scrubbers
    fingerless gloves
    two pairs of slippers
    several bookmarks with crocheted borders

    need to make:

    non-crochet handmade gifts in progress/to do:
    Need to finish sewing a blanket and make two more blankets

    non-crochet handmade gifts finished:
    two quilt block pillows
    three denim rag quilts
    two blankets
    eight magnets made from canning jar lids

    I hope everyone gets their projects done on time!

  11. I’m madly making crocheted bunting using the granny square style but now I’ve half changed it into a more solid granny square but of course in a triangle… this needs to be sorted first as they are little gifts for the Grandies teachers… might even make some star garlands too…

  12. Cami says:

    I’m with you, lady! I have to get crocheting. It’s been tough finding time since school started because I am a teacher. But so far my list includes two sets of armwarmers for some great friends. I have to figure out the other stuff! Good luck to all!!! Happy Holidays!!

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  14. Cheryl G. says:

    21 full size stockings (15 down 6 to go), 16 pair slippers (2 down 14 left to go), 1 pair slipper socks (done), 1 scarf (done), 12 hats (done), 21 mini stockings in Blue and Orange school colors for Daughters class (not even started yet) 1 ariggumi panda bear for daughters teacher (possibly not promising anything there)

  15. RedTheHick says:

    I made my mom a bracelet out of fishing line and beads. It actually turned out nice, but reinforced my previous impression of fishing line. Only once in awhile shall I make stuff out of it. As a Thank You and Goodbye present to my daughter’s therapist I made her earrings out off crochet thread and and a beaded necklace. More simple projects that take only about an hr (at most) per. Hope that gives you some ideas…

  16. tara w says:

    i was lucky and almost finished earley this year i have a few more finishing touches for one more gift to be done then wrap .then n 1 mor gift to make then im finished .but dont know what to make 4 the last gift .so i may have to go buy something .i think its kinda cool to be able to give homemade crocheted items for gifts.most people enjoy them.MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

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