The Best Crochet Project Bag

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 12 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been toting my crochet around with me wherever I go these days. It makes me so happy! I bring my crochet with me to work and gaze upon it, though I never have time to work on it while I’m there. It’s okay because it keeps me motivated and if I do get a rare moment to make one or two stitches, well, that’s progress!

I’ve been taking a little of my own advice and I’ve been Finding My Crochet Time. For me that means just doing a few rows or a few repeats every day. It feels great to see my projects grow and I’ve been enjoying the beautiful yarn from my local yarn shops (and my stash, of course!) I had been using a variety of different project bags, but the one I decided to take with me just last night felt completely perfect. Here’s a picture!

It's cute, right?

It’s cute, right?

This bag is really simple, and that is why I love it! It fits everything I need for my one ball project inside. It doesn’t get unwieldy & it’s very light. It’s just a simple, drawstring bag measuring about 12″ X 12″. I think the thing that makes it really special is the beautiful, lightweight silk it’s made from. I love how sturdy but delicate the silk is. It’s made from recycled sari silk from India. I purchased this bag from an indie yarn company called Darn Good Yarn. (That’s just an FYI for you. This is a completely voluntary review and I haven’t received anything that I didn’t buy!)

Holds all the good stuff!

Holds all the good stuff!

I love that I can toss this bag into my purse really easily and I love that it doesn’t add bulk. In comparison to the heavy project bags I’ve been toting lately, this bag is a dream! Of course, because my project is small and lightweight, this is an appropriate choice. I even wrote my pattern out on a tiny, 3″ x 5″ card & then “laminated” it using packing tape so I don’t even need my smartphone or a larger paper with me to work on this.

I feel airy & free for spring!

Do you have a favorite project bag? Please tell us all about it in the comments. Would you like to know how to make one of these bags? If so, please let me know. I might be able to do a tutorial on it if there is interest. Please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below. I always love hearing from you!!!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    My favorite yarn bag says “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn”. My husband got it for me from this etsy store:

  2. Gayle Arendt says:

    My favorite (I have two!) is the Take Away Tote. I bought the stand with a pattern and made the bags myself.

  3. Mary Field says:


    I just wanted to say that I enjoy your weekly newsletter and most of the time you have a pattern I have been looking for. Thank you for all the information in your newsletters! Mary

  4. fleurdelis says:

    I use two ancient retro cloth purses (from my younger days) with shoulder straps that hold one hank of yarn, a pattern my hook and scissors nicely. One has is made from a tapestry with Teddy Bears. The other is a cloth “hippy” bag, with dowels inserted across the top on each side of the opening that I made in the 60’s. People still ask me where I got the bag.

  5. FRAN BUTLER says:

    I have a book tote I brought several years ago from Barnes & Noble. It is similar to yours – made of silk and lined with a light-weight fabric and a beautiful spring pattern. I love it and works perfectly for my carry-along projects. My second favorite is a yarn purse I brought several years ago. Holds a little more, lots of pockets and dividers for holding whatever my project requires plus my purse things. The yarn simply pulls out from one of the openings and everything is organized and neat in one carry-along without being heavy.

  6. Susan says:

    My favorite yarn bag is a large tote bag that was given to me, I decided to use it for my yarn & crochet project because it has two good size pockets in the front & two on the back, on the inside it has two pockets one on each side of the bag (the sides of the tote). It’s perfect because I put all my hooks on the front pockets also on the opposite side I put a small plastic box that holds my yarn needles, threader & small scissors. The bag holds several skeins of yarn that is perfect for my afghans. I love it!! I can take it with me or sit it besides my couch when I need as I watch t.v. It was a great gift I’ve had it a long time. “:)

  7. mary baribeau says:

    I have 3 favorite bags for my projects. One is a tote from my former job doing radiation therapy for cancer patients, my second is a cloth cross body hobo bag, I can grab it put my wallet and my house keys in it and go, my third is a big tote bag with feet rests on the bottom of the bag. I can take that one in the car when someone else is driving and I can crochet.
    I do enjoy reading your weekly blog. It is fun, learn new things, and you challenge us to get our WIP’S done or frog them. Thank you for your newsletter.

  8. Jana Hunter says:

    I have used several over the years. But one I bought at a “30” party a few months ago is by far the best! It’s a tote about 12-18″. The teacher next to me has one for teaching stuff. I saw it and thought it would be ideal for crochet. So when my daughter had a party, there it was! It’s a pretty bright blue canvas. Nothing on the inside, but it has a zippered top and holes or grommets if you want to run yarn through. I bought a plastic pouch that snaps through the holes and sits on the inside of my bag for loose things-hooks, notions, etc. The outside is the beauty! on one side there are two roomy pockets. But they are not flat against the bag, so they fit a lot. On the other side there are three. On each end of the bag is a roomy mesh pouch. The straps are long enough, that even with a large drawing board in it, the straps came above it! I had mine embroidered with red “Nana Stitcher”
    The best part about this bag is that it holds EVERYTHING! I can take my crochet everywhere as well as my purse necessities. I also can throw in school stuff, ipad, etc. when needed.
    Can you tell I love this bag? 🙂

  9. DaCratyLady says:

    I got a soft sided and handled smaller bag for my birthday a few years back. Like you I ove it because it fits into my purse perfectly for my “on the go” carry projects. I love to crochet all over while waiting. I am now in the process of having it embrodered with my name and websire on it…. its handles are soft and bendable, the body is oval just large enough to hold a skein of yarn my hook and directions. I also carry my baggie of “must have” crochet goodies, sheep pen, stitch markers, folding scissors, light up glasses, bendable ruler, paper, and I throw in a piece of dark chocolate to give me energy on the the road… lol…. And this little gem is reversible with two different colored patterns on each side… I love my bag too… 🙂

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