The Crocheted Shawl for Spring

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We’re well into April and I am here to tell you that spring is coming! I know that many of my friends in the northern United States have been battling a long and difficult winter. For me, there’s no lack of crochet inspiration up there. I’ve traditionally crocheted with larger yarns, typically worsted weight or higher, and scarves, hats, and cowls are always at the top of my project list. However, when it comes to springtime, and living in this hot and humid Florida climate, I need to turn my sights to lighter weight yarns and versatile, transitional garments. Enter the crocheted shawl.

Shawls, ponchos, stoles, and wraps are great for warmer weather and transitioning through the seasons. The reason they work well is that there are many different ways to wear them. They’re lightweight, beautiful, and they can go with professional dress or jeans. My friends tell me they like to keep a shawl with them in the office to battle the air conditioning in the Florida summer. They can also work to keep the harmful rays of the sun off of your head and arms while outdoors. I have a couple of great ponchos and I’ve worn them very successfully in a variety of different situations.

Lucky for us, Rachel and the Crochet Spot team have a number of wonderful crochet shawl, poncho, and wrap patterns here on the site! I’ve selected just a few of them here.

Striping Shells Shawl – This is so pretty and it’s made in crochet thread, which would be new for me!
Broomstick Lace Wrap – This would be a great piece to practice broomstick lace.
Lover’s Knot Triangle Scarf – This would be a new stitch for me. It looks beautiful and uses medium weight yarn. I think it could be made bigger without much difficulty.
Knot Stitch Shawl – I could see this looking very beautiful with artisan yarn. It’s the perfect pattern for those very special skeins. Simple, too!
Mi Amor Shawl – I could see this in pink or other, brighter colors. It’s very pretty and the stitch pattern would keep it from getting boring.
Yuet Shawl – The circular shawl can be worn so many different ways! This is a beautiful one and it looks fun!
Lover’s Knot Wrap – A rectangular shawl with an open weave and a beautiful trim.

I think it’s neat how a lot of these are made in medium weight yarn. Maybe I don’t have to give up my worsted after all! Which one do you think I should make for the springtime? Which transitional pieces are you interested in making for the season?

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  1. fariba says:

    Hi, I love them all(shawls). These are useful for springtime.I want to make one of them for myself.Thank you for your great site………….

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