Do All Crocheters Have Cats?

By Rachel Choi – 255 Comments
I always thought that the correlation between crocheters and cats was just a myth, until I started to realize that a lot of my crochet friends have cats. Even I have a cat!

Is it just a coincide or do most crocheters have a cat? Maybe cats are just popular to have as a pet. Or perhaps, crocheters are more fond of a cat companion since they both like yarn.


Let’s have an experiment to find out once and for all if there really is a correlation between cats and crocheters! This is by far, not a real scientific experiment, but will sure be fun to take part in.

So the question is, are you a crocheter? And do you have a cat? Leave a comment to share!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Guilty on both lol I love to crochet and have 4 cats youngest is only 12wks old and likes nothing better than running round with my yarn or sneakily biting the yarn when I’m not looking and in the middle of a project

    I also have 2 dogs and a free-range rabbit !

  2. Cathy says:

    My name is Cathy, which I shortened to Cat, but I do not have a Cat, just 2 dogs.

  3. Lu says:

    It is true! I have a cat too 🙂
    My cat loves playing with my yarn when I am working on a project. Sometimes it is funny… other times I have to fight for the control of the yarn!! I not always win…

  4. Karen says:

    I have three cats. One that loves to eat yarn and the other two just like to play with it. My favorite thing about yarn crafts is I can’t sit down with a ball of yarn without at least one cat in my lap. Even if all the cats are with my husband at least one will get up and sit with me!

  5. shirley says:

    I love to crochet. I can’t see myself without it. It has become a passion.
    cats on the other hand I don’t like. I don’t know why. maybe the shedding or hair balls. the fact that they purr.
    So in my case theory, trumped.

  6. tennyemaye says:

    haha, thats funny! I love to crochet, and my cat loves to watch me when I do! She likes to watch the string wiggle and the ball roll as I pull out more yarn for another roll. I created a crochet blog called The Fat Cat Crochet, which is dedicated to my love of crochet, and love of my cat.
    Thanks for posting this. I think its true in a weird way 😉

  7. Allyson says:

    I crochet and I don’t have a cat…that’s probably cause I”m only thirteen and my dad’s allergic but I think I would rather have a dog. We have two dogs right now and I’ve had cats rip my favorite shirts to shreds so I think I’d prefer a dog

  8. Pat says:

    I have a cat, he’s 2 yrs. part Absinnian and domestic short haired cat. . He is all black except on his tummy that is white. I had a cat before, but he died 2 years ago, He was 16 yrs. old. I adored him, as I adore this one. I just wish he didn’t like yarn. It makes it hard for me to crochet.

    Hubby and I have allergies, but not to cats or dogs.


  9. Marlene says:

    Yes and yes! My boyfriend and I are both crocheters and we have a cat! He’s still just a kitten, but he’s finally learning which skein he can have and which ones to leave alone.

  10. Cindy says:

    No, I’m allergic to cats, so I have 2 little dogs. I crochet daily and have been for the last 37 years. Does anyone else hold their yarn like a knitter? I have never learned how to hold the yarn in my left hand. It’s weird.

  11. Julie says:

    I’m a crocheter and I have a dog. He loves it when I sit down to crochet because he can sit next to me on the sofa. He hates it when I sit at my desk and work on the computer. Maybe I work too much. LOL!

  12. Darlene says:

    Of course — I have two cats. And although I have done considerable knitting, I much, much prefer to crochet!

  13. Nancy says:

    I’ve been crocheting for 35 years, half my life, and have had house cats for 6 years. Until then my cats were outside ones. There are 3 in the house now and 1 outside (she prefers it that way).

  14. Elma says:

    YES; I crochet AND I have 2 cats (and 2 dogs). Only one of the cats loves to come “help” with the yarn; the tom-cat who is 8 yrs. old. My girl cat is only 3 but she is not interested in yarn at all. 🙂

  15. Bunnie says:

    That is really interesting. Yes, I have 2 cats continually catching my yarn when I crochet!

  16. Shari Elaine says:

    I have 3 cats, and both knit and crochet a little. I noticed on the Ravelry posts that a lot of contributors seem to have cats. Maybe it’s some sort of DNA link between the cat-loving gene and the creative urge gene. LOL

  17. Mary says:

    Yes, I have 2 cats. When I first learned to crochet some 30 years ago, I had 5 cats, all strays that somehow showed up at my door.

  18. Be says:

    I guess I am an extreme crocheter. I crochet during every spare minute
    Of the day, even at work. Oh, and yes, you could say I have A cat, but to
    Be accurate, I have 16 cats. LOL

  19. Be says:

    And just for the record, all my friends that crochet and knit
    Have cats. Funny how the two just go together.

  20. Marsha Smith says:

    Well, I had no idea that they both went together!!! Makes a lot of sense to me though. I have 6 cats and foster kittens all the time. Both the adults and babies love the yarn. Sometimes I think the projects would take half the time if I didn’t have to chase someone through the house! But that just adds to the challenge & fun!!!

  21. Marsha Smith says:

    By the way, 1 cat doesn’t count!!!

  22. Mickey says:

    I have been crocheting since I was a little girl (I am 63 now), my Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mom were my teachers! My first project were Granny Squares made from left over yarn from their projects, eventually I had enough squares to finish an afghan my Great Grandmother started but didn’t complete, it is a treasure I will pass onto my Grand Daughter. I also have two rescue cats, who both dropped into my life by appearing on my porch 5 years apart! The newest, a female and a kitten herself came complete with 7 kittens (who were born by cesarian) shortly after coming to live with me. They all have forever homes now too. To say I love my “kitties” is an understatement, to say I love all needlework especially crochet and knitting is also an understatement!

  23. erin says:

    No cat here just one husband and 2 dogs

  24. Debbie Mac says:

    I guess I am a member of the “crochet and cat” club!! I have always loved crocheting and only recently have my allergies allowed me to live with a cat. We now have three between my daughter and myself. I still can’t get them to play with the yarn I want them to play with…they only want to play with the yarn I am working with, gotta love those “kitties”.

  25. Charlie says:

    Yep, 3 cats and I crochet.

  26. Brigid says:

    Have a fat cat who immediately appears, jumps into my lap and starts kneading and purring as soon as I start crocheting!! Have to stop and pet him- that’s the end of crocheting for a while- usually we both drift off for a little- or long- nap. Brigid

  27. Snoozycat says:

    I just came across this blog and thought I had to comment. My Grandmother taught me how to crochet and yes she had two cats, though they did change over time. I have been crocheting on and of since I was 8 years old. In that time I had one dog and 5 cats that have passed on, but currently I have two cats. One who will sit very nicely on my lap whether I crochet or not and the other who if he does sit still long enough will try to play with the yarn. In my crochet/knitting group most of the members have a pet and the cats out number the dogs. It does seem strange, but I guess it is true that most crocheters have cats.

    Thanks for allowing us to share our stories.

  28. Juli says:

    No pets for me of any sort

  29. Melissa says:

    Nope, my eldest son & I are horribly allergic to cats, we have 2 dogs, hoping to get our 3rd next year.

  30. Angie says:

    I have always had cats. I currently have two, Sugar and Spice. Interesting theory. I think people who crochet or knit have patience, and generally love animals and children.

  31. Diana says:

    This is funny I son’t mind cats but I’m more of a dog person. We have 4 maltess and they sit and watch me crochet all the time. Now this is the funny part 2 of my kids have cats and they got them while living at home. Each one had kittens while they were under our roof so I had to train 2 litters of kittens and the 2 mother cats to leave my wool alone. not easy there was 1 kitten that would sit and watch me but as soon as I would stop watching her she would get the wool in her mouth when I got to where she started sucking on the wool she would run off and return a few min. later and start all over again. Our dogs have also entertained themselves with my wool but they are smaller than most cats anyway. Reading through the comments was fun to see how this theory turned out.

  32. crazy crochet lover says:

    i DO have a cat. she is hilarious. if you stare at her for more than 3 seconds she’ll fall over on to her side. it’s so cute!!!!!

  33. Michelle says:

    ROFL!!! My name is Michelle and Just started Crocheting a month ago and LOVING IT!! I am true to the myth i have 2 cats and they LOVE to watch me roll up my yarn in a ball … you would think they are watching a mystery movie. Once My husband picked up one of my cats to pet him and my cat was not happy because he was missing the yarn show LOL!!

  34. Chris says:

    I crochet and I have a cat. I think they are both quiet (well, sometimes), soft to touch, pretty to look at, and on the whole, very comforting to have around.

  35. Lillie says:

    I too crochet and have a cat, who hids in the closet most of the time, but soon as I start to crochet out of hiding she comes.

  36. Amy says:

    YUP!! I began crocheting when I was about 12 years old and that was the same age I was when we got our first cat. I’ve always had cats ever since. Right now I have the world’s two cutest and sweetest cats!!!!

  37. Squirrely Girly says:

    I don’s have a cat – but I do want one. I have 1 dog, and I’m crocheting myself a Amineko.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    I have been crocheting for about 5 years now and 2 weeks ago we adopted a 7 week old kitten. I never thought about the correlations. lol

  39. Peggy says:

    When I adopted my first cat, a lovely grey tabby kitten aged 3 months, she curled up on my lap as I crocheted right above her. Happy Memories from 33 years ago! I’ve had cats ever since, including my feisty and fun Norwegian Forest Cat who’s not really a lap sitter but has the softest fur. I keep the fur he sheds seasonally with the hope of having it spun into yarn.

    Cats just add to the fun of crocheting!

  40. Mewthicus says:

    I have….. SO many cats. All are tuxedo kitties, though it wasn’t on purpose. I crochet, though not well and kit frequently for I am poor and yarn and hooks cost money. Recently my kitties decided my yarn bag was a litter box.
    Just imagine my upset.

  41. Mewthicus says:

    *not frequently

  42. Margaret says:

    My husband and I have took in a dozen kitties and four dogs that needed a home. I love to crochet, most of the time my fur children leave the yarn alone, but I think it is mostly becasue I keep it in a room they aren’t allowed into and they only see it when I bring out a work in process. I am lucky they are all so well behaved!

  43. Sandra McCarthy says:

    I have 2 cats who “help” me crochet “Snuggles” (little blankets) for the local Humane Society. I also make cat toys which are thoroughly tested by my kitties, “Snowflake” and “O’Reilly” . I make more of those that are “approved” for the HS kitties as well.

  44. Mary says:

    Yes, I have 2 inside cats & 3 outside rescue cats…I love to crochet & I love cats. One of them likes to help me crochet by sitting on the yarn in my lap.

  45. Linda says:

    Yes, I have 2 cats. I have had cats as pets as far back as I can remember. The two I have now used to do their own thing, but as they get older the more they want to be held. They are almost 12 years old. I no longer make preemie items because I always end up with cat hair on my projects. The minute I sit down there is a cat on my lap. I’m not sure why cats and yarn go together but I think it is an interesting survey.

  46. Ana says:

    Hi! I’m Ana, i’m a crocheter (and my mom is too) and we have 4 cats 🙂
    So even in Portugal it seems true!

  47. Lisa says:

    I have 3 cats, myself, and a ton of yarn, so I guess that is a true statement. In all the moves I’ve made in the past 6 years, the skeins that I value most are all of them. If I don’t have my yarn (and people think I’m a hoarder), I don’t have anything that I value as much except for my cats and having 3 of them is an expensive venture. You can purchase yarn, inherit yarn, be given yarn, and you’ll still have a lot of yarn. With cats, when one has fleas, you want to keep them away from your yarn, or you’ll have to throw that all out or wash it in HOT water, and that’s sometimes not what you should do to keep it the way it should be. However, I try to separate them and keep the cats in one place and the yarn in another. So, I don’t know if that saying is true, but in my case, I started crocheting close to 40 years ago when my knitting didn’t work out and picking up that hook was a godsend to me. My cats have only been with me since the winter of 2008, but they are better companions than a man ever could be unless he, too, likes them.

    • pldrake says:

      I’ve dated some men who tolerated my cats and some that just loved them. One in particular would ask me about Kristin, my very first cat, who really enjoyed Dan’s visits. This was in the late ’70’s and even as recently as 2005 he remembered her fondly. Nice.

  48. Cynthia says:

    I crochet, and I have almost always had a cat, now I have two.

  49. Mersea says:

    I have three cats! I’ve always loved cats and it has nothing to do with yarn… in fact I have one cat I am often at war with because he can figure a way to get into my yarn and decorate the house! I also have two dogs, one is ours and the other is a foster dog looking for a forever home. The foster dog will sometimes try to unravel the project I am working on so I guess he thinks he is a cat?

  50. Debbie says:

    I love to crochet and I have two cats, so yes, I follow the theory. Crocheting is a relaxing hobby, and there is nothing more relaxing than having a cat sit with you and purr, so maybe that is why crocheters love cats!!

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