New “Yarns for You” Crochet Yarn Reviews!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 24 Comments

I am excited to annouce a new series on Crochet Spot – “Yarns for You” Crochet Yarn Reviews! The purpose of “Yarns for You” is to share a crocheter’s point of view about what makes a yarn good/bad/fun/useful/etc. to crochet with! This will be different from the “Focus on Fiber” series in that I will be reviewing specific types of yarn by name. As always, it would be great to hear from other Crochet Spotters in the comments section!

Why a crochet yarn review? Did you ever notice how sometimes yarn makers put all of the knitting information on the label and have knitted samples in the store, but may overlook crochet? Truthfully, some yarn is better for knitting and some is better for crochet. It has to do with how the yarn is constructed.

Well, yarn does behave differently depending upon how you craft with it. With crochet, the size and type of hook, the specific crochet technique, and the stitches you use will affect the resulting fabric and also the entire experience of working with the chosen yarn.

I will crochet with each yarn that I review. Aside from the basic facts about the fiber content, suggested hook size, gauge, and other ball-band info, I will do my best to describe how the yarn feels, how it handles, and give some good project ideas for the yarn.

Where appropriate, I will link to a yarn’s website or Amazon listing.

While I’ve done my homework on yarn reviews, what’s most important to me is providing the information you want and need to know about a yarn. So, please, tell me what you’d like to see in a yarn review on Crochet Spot! Leave your “list of demands,” 😉 ideas, and suggestions in the comments below. I am very excited to start this series!!

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  1. Cindy says:

    I would love to see something that would help with the “names” of colors. there is so many different shades of each color. For instance if I need marron or scarlet, I can’t find it here in my home town, so my crochet groups says subsitute for burgandy or fire engine red, some say claret and fiery red, so many different opinions. I realize the colors vary by company and dye lot, ,but wonder why there is not a alternate color chart somewhere? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Cindy Graham

  2. Kay says:

    I would like to see reviews of “reasonably-priced” yarns that can be purchased at craft stores like Joann’s, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.



  4. Ann says:

    I have found some yarn that I like to crochet with I have used some bad yarn and I stay away from it here on out cannot wait to see what every one has to say about yarn I usually do not follow colors according to the patterns I like to be different

  5. Marilyn Levy says:

    I find the Homespun yarn by Lion Heart hard to work with; does anyone else find it difficult?

    • Brenda says:

      yes. I think so. Hard but looks very pretty. The lighter the color the easier it is to work with.

    • Lynne says:

      I agree that Homespun is hard to crochet with; it’s the perfect example of a yarn that might be more suited to knitting than crocheting. Even with my “lit up” hooks it’s hard to see no matter what the color is.

      • Terri says:

        Thanks for your comment, I was wondering if it would be hard to see. I’m a beginner crocheter, but have knitted for about 8 years. I do have trouble at times distinguishing one stitch from another in crochet.

    • Terri says:

      I don’t care for Homespun yarn. I like the look when its finished, but hate the feel of it while working with it. I have knitted several projects with it, but havn’t used it for crochet.

    • Linda says:

      I have knitted with Homespun, and it was terrible. Maybe I hold my yarn too tightly, but I would end end up with a wad of it in my hand that I would have to keep pushing down the strand. Luckily I was making small pieces. When I would cut the yarn at the end, the part that was a wad in my hand would go *poof!* and just be a long strand of fuzz.

    • Dorie says:

      I’m so glad to read that others have trouble crocheting with Homespun. I’m using it for a stuffed animal. The pattern suggested the yarn. I don’t plan on using Homespun for another project ever. It’s all soft and pretty when done. But it’s hard to work. I have a hard time seeing the stitches. It’s a lumpy yarn. Lesson learned!

    • Linda Gibbs says:

      I find any boucle yarn difficult to crochet with, including Homespun. If I must use it, I like to use a LARGE hook and keep the stitches quite loose!

  6. Pamela says:

    I would like to know if the yarn splits or not.i

    • Marilyn Levy says:

      Yes, it did when I tried it. Maybe I did not use a large enough hook. I have been off of crocheting for a while since I was having pain in my fingers from arthritis but I want to try again. I bought a lot of the Homespun so surely want to use it. If anyone has suggestions, please give them.

  7. Namiko says:

    Yes, Homespun yarn is really tricky to work with! I find it easier to knit with it, instead of crochet. I also go with larger needles so I usually only make wraps or shawls, things where gauge is not necessary.

  8. Margo says:

    I do not like Homespun for crocheting, I made a granny afghan with it and the quality for this type of crochet was not good in some areas of the skeins. Would love to make an afghan with a type of yarn like Red Heart Boutique but it is hand washable and therefore not wise to use for an afghan, the colors however are wonderful for scarves, cowls. I find that lots of sites give you a small block sample of the colors but an actual piece made with the yarn is more helpful. This is why web shopping is difficult for yarn.

  9. Pam says:

    I would like to know how a yarn holds up after cleaning. I like to use Caron Simply Soft…but it seems to fuzz up after I wear it a couple of time.

  10. Marilyn M says:

    “Yarns for You” reviews would be AWESOME!! I started learning to crochet in February this year and have only bought cheap yarn (Red Heart Super Savor) to practice with (I guess that is why my work doesn’t look too good). Love to read everyone’s reviews and hear what they like/don’t like. Thank you Cami for all your hard work. I LOVE this website.

  11. Dorie says:

    I look forward to reading about different yarns for crochet projects. I’m new to the craft, so I have lots to learn.

  12. Beth says:

    I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I too have found some yarns better than others. Recently I have been making many baby items and some some yarns are softer than others. I love Bernat Softee Baby it is so soft and easy to work with. I am currently using Bernat baby sport, it is easy to use but not as soft. I’d like to use more variegated yarn but like many of you I do not have many places to buy yarn close by. I did use Lion’s Brand Amazing recently to make a shawl, although I loved the colors the pattern used 4 inch squares and did not show off the colors as well as I had expected. So I am looking forward to everyone’s input, it will be very valuable. Thanks!

  13. Lori Dee says:

    I crchet quite a bit and am always a little frustrated with yarn choices. I agree with comments about the Homespun and Caron simply soft. I am always looking for baby yarn in colors that are not pastels, though it is getting easier. Hobby Lobby has an I like this Cotton that crochets well but the I like this Yarn is inconsistent from one color to another and looks bad fast with wear. I used to get a Martha Stewart wool blend that was so soft and fabulous for baby hats and blankets, but only came in pastels and is no longer available in my Micheals store. Why are the natural yarns so expensive! Great idea this string!

  14. MzzCrochets says:

    I have been crocheting for a very long time and am self taught so I have used yarns from all sorts of companies in a variety price range. Homespun is soft, lovely colors but yucky to work with. For a soft, great drape and for the price I love Caron Spa. Wraps and shawls turn out great. I am very interested in to this conversation to learn what everyone uses for price ranges. Happy Crocheting!

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