Crochet Holidays for Your Summer 2013!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

Let’s get geared up for summer and motivate to crochet some fun and fabulous creations during the next two months. It’s been a while since we’ve looked at crochet holidays, so let’s mark our calendars for June and July’s projects!


National Ice Tea Month – When the sun beats down, nothing is more refreshing than cold iced tea. I love to keep my hands dry by using a crocheted cotton glass cozy similar to this water bottle cover. It’s like a coaster and cup sleeve in one!

National Leave the Office Early Day: 3 “You can’t fire me, I quit!” Well, maybe you shouldn’t say this at work today, but maybe you could take a couple of personal hours and leave early to crochet at your favorite cafe!
Worldwide Knit and Crochet in Public Day: 8 Need I say more, people? This is the day to proudly let your hook be seen. Make sure you do at least a few stitches out in the open today!
World Juggling Day: 15 Make some juggling balls by using this pattern and stuffing your creations with beans.
National Flip Flop Day: 21 Woo hoo! Make your tootsies sparkle with these beauties! Or dress down your summer cocktails with these cuties.


National Ice Cream Month Um, yes please. I love any and all manner of ice cream. Let’s crochet an ice cream sandwich this month!
National Independent Retailers Month Join the ranks of independent retailers everywhere by selling your crochet! Here are some tips.

Canada Day: 1 O, Canada! We love you so! Salute the great white north by crocheting only in red and white today.
Independence Day (USA): 4 It’s a national holiday and also a great excuse to barbeque! If you don’t want to crochet an American flag, then try these hamburger coasters.
Rabbit Week: 15-21 Crochet with luxurious angora this week.
Gorgeous Grandma Day: 23 Step out on the town, gorgeous grandmothers! Don your crochet finery and work it in your favorite colors! If you’re not a grandmother, call your grandma and tell her how gorgeous she is!

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