March is National Crochet Month! (And Other Crochet Holidays)

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Yes, you heard correctly, my friends. In addition to being National Craft Month, and “coming in like a lion but going out like a lamb,” the third month of the year is annually dedicated to our favorite craft, crochet. In honor of this, I encourage you to share Crochet Spot with someone who might be interested. Tell your crafting friends to check us out and join the fun! And since it’s also National Caffeine Awareness Month, why not work on your crochet together at a local cafe? (Bring one of these to help reduce waste.) Crochet and caffeine go great together, but herbal tea works just as well! (I should know!)

Here is a list of other holidays and observances happening this month, along with suggestions on how to celebrate!

St. Patrick’s Day: 17 Crochet your new “lucky hat,” a classic Irish Tam. Rachel’s also got loads of other Irish-themed patterns right here on Crochet Spot. Do a quick search for more ideas!
American Chocolate Week: 18-23 I know! It’s not like we needed a week to make us want to eat more chocolate, but even if you’re cutting down on the sweets, you can still crochet this for fun!
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 26 Who said you needed a specific reason to party? Make up your own pattern today for unstructured fun! Get inspiration from freeform crochet artist Renate Kirkpatrick!
Pencil Day: 30 They do so much for us, but when was the last time you stopped to reflect about what you could do for pencils? 😉 Why, keep them organized in a pencil case, of course!
Earth Hour: 30 When you turn off your lights for Earth Hour, crochet by candlelight! For added facility and earth-friendliness, why not use recycled plastic bag yarn (plarn) with a big hook?

What will you do to celebrate the crochet holidays this month? Which other crochet holidays come in March and what will you be making?

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