Erin’s Favorite Crochet Patterns

By Erin Burger – 4 Comments

I have four children and they are obsessed with favorites. My six year old wants to know everyone’s favorite color, my eight year old loves hearing about people’s favorite foods and my three year old is constantly asking us and anyone who will listen, “Who is your best Star Wars?” Which translates into, “Who is your favorite Star Wars character?”

But my soon to be eleven year old wants to be a writer, so she’s consistently asking me about what I’ve written week by week as a Freelance Writer and Editor and what my favorites are. She’s a novice at crocheting but has a real interest so recently has been perusing the Crochet Spot website trying to find and pick our favorite patterns. Here are some that we came up with for your enjoyment, just click on the highlighted link to check out them in detail.

  • Crochet Pattern: Baby Bumblebee This is a favorite of both myself and my daughter. After I made this pattern for Crochet Spot, I immediately had to turn around and make one for each of my daughters and then for some of their friends! Bzzz…
  • Crochet Patterns: Cool Coasters 1, 2, 3 and 4 This series was a lot of fun to write and work up plus, coasters seem to be a perennial gift for all occasions. Because you can use a variety of colors and combination of colors it makes it simple to pop some in gift bags for teachers, bridal showers and baby showers. Voila! Instant handmade gifts.
  • Crochet Pattern: Broomstick Lace Wrap Broomstick Lace is so elegant and also fun to do, so this is a great starting off point for anyone who wants to learn a new technique! I love the drape of this wrap and wish I had more time to make one of every color.
  • Crochet Pattern: Pirate Teddy Bear This was hands down my daughter’s favorite on the site and she’s been practicing crocheting in the round ever since seeing it in order to create this adorable pirate stuffie! I love his striped shirt, so cute.
  • Crochet Pattern: Giant Granny Square with Clusters This pattern has a special place in my heart because it was taken from vague vintage instructions that were scribbled down in a folder of patterns that were my grandmother’s mothers. She died when my grandmother was a young child, so it’s an emotional experience using her handwritten patterns!

Do you have a favorite Crochet Spot pattern? Have you made something from the site and it turned out stellar? Share with us here, we love your feedback!

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  1. Kristina says:

    I love the hipster doily and now am working on the large hipster doily. Made 2 so far in brilliant colors and they hang on the window. The juggling balls are my next favorite and made a few – great tips in the pattern. Also, dried black eyed peas are a great filler. And finally the vintage pattern, the star washcloth – I want to make one soon. Friends are now enjoying your site, too. Thanks so much!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank You for sharing not only lovely crochet patterns but also some tid bits about your family.
    Love your site.

  3. Paula, knitmadmum says:

    I love the burger coasters, and my sons asked me to knit a length of red I-cord, to be a swirl of ketchup! Its a great pressie for teenage boys who are so hard to make for, although don’t expect them to actually use them to put cups on! (rings on furniture are not within a teen boys understanding!)

  4. Lorraine Lary says:

    Hi….just wanted to say that I am always a little nervous about buying downloaded patterns, but your process was so easy, the patterns are in good sized print and I couldn’t be more pleased! I have already worked up some of your free patterns and really enjoy your weekly updates. Thanks for a great product made easy.

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