Your Favorite Crochet Project!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 6 Comments

Admit it. You crochet a lot, don’t you? I bet you have many projects in your history by now. From afghans & sweaters to totes & toys, crochet has it all. We can crochet just about anything we can imagine. There is a certain magic when a crochet project comes together. Whether it is carefully planned or a happy accident, it is amazing to see the final sewn seam, the ends made invisible by careful weaving, and the beauty of the finished product.

Erin once did a round-up of her favorite patterns, and Rachel has asked us about our favorite things to crochet, but we’ve never discussed our personal favorites here at Crochet Spot. So allow me to ask, whether it was carefully planned and executed, or just “off the top of your hook,” what was your absolute favorite crochet project of all time? This could be a tough question because so many of us just crochet to gift, sell, or donate to charity. I am certain that I can’t even remember all of my previous projects. (Truthfully, some of them I don’t want to remember!) But I did begin to think about what my absolute favorite project of all time was, and it wasn’t that easy to find the answer.

It's pretty, but this isn't it! image by artlikebread

It’s pretty, but this isn’t it! image by artlikebread

One candidate was my 12-Square Afghan, which was my biggest crochet project of all time, both in size and also the amount of time it took to finish it! I had originally started it to use up my colorful, worsted acrylic. Then, after not a very long while, I found that I was out of colorful, worsted acrylic and I believe I had to buy some skeins to finish it up! It took FOREVER, but I do love having that beautiful blanket on my bed. It provides just the right amount of warmth to layer over a bed sheet and it feels so cozy to be wrapped inside of it. I love it lots, but it’s not my favorite.

For a minute I thought about the beautiful washcloth pictured above. It’s great and I still use it, but again, it’s not my favorite project. It was hard to decide, but I finally lit upon the perfect project to love and remember. This project became my favorite for many reasons – firstly, the pattern was well-written and I learned a new skill – crochet cables! It was a one-skein project and I was able to use a very special yarn. It was a 100% wool yarn that I had purchased from a Native American trading post near the Grand Canyon. The fleece of the local sheep (which could be seen on the property) spun into soft yarn and then dyed to perfection – a gorgeous turquoise blue. The pattern was easy enough to approach without fear, but advanced enough to challenge me and pique my interest. It was a beautiful and useful fingerless mitt pattern which made a perfect gift for my sweet cousin! I loved every aspect of the project and I actually made several pairs of this pattern, but never took any pictures! (I think I’m talking myself into making another pair – haha!)

So what about you, my friends? What was your favorite project of all time? Please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below. I can’t wait to hear all about your crochet triumphs!

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  1. Angel says:

    My most favorite and memorable crochet project was when I made beautiful doilies for the whole clinic I worked at. I worked for five doctors as an x-ray tech/medical assistant and one Christmas I decided to play Secret Santa. In casual conversations I would ask things about their households like: what is your color scheme for the living room? What is your favorite flower? It was a big hit. I also made the gift for the white elephant party gift and of course everybody wanted it. It was a lot of work but so much fun to see all their faces light up with joy when they each opened their special treasure.

  2. mary baribeau says:

    My favorite crochet project was a baby layette set. That was the first thing I crocheted. I still have it to this day 37 years later. I made several of the blankets from that pattern before my crochet was put on hold while taking care of my son and being married. The pattern has since been lost, unfortunately. It was a single crochet with shells as the border. The set included a pillow cover, hat, sweater and diaper cover..

  3. Collette Griffith says:

    Boy! It’s hard to pin down a favorite crochet project! I do have a favorite shawl pattern (long since lost, but I remember how to make it, fortunately!) I also love making snowflakes. I guess the shawl is my favorite. My crochet club makes shawls for our local Prayer Shawl Hospice, and I end up making that shawl more than half the time!

  4. Tina says:

    I make a lot of slouchy beanies. I use the mesh beanie pattern here in the store alot, and i mean Alot. Then if I want to make a slouchy beanie, i just add 2-3 ” to the even part and go from there, then I add 1″ of sc rows, and viola ! A slouchy mesh beanie 🙂
    I also use the heart motif square (Amy Lyn Yarborough’s pattern) and use off-white and pale colors for the hearts. Ihave made a stroller blanket and it turned out well. The person i donated it to ( secret santa) loved it !

  5. To be truthful, I think I have alot of favorites.. my favorite lately was a dress set I made for an order that came out just right.. smile.. Also made the same dress in an infant size for another order for a baby shower and it was the hit of the shower I was told.. that made me feel great..

  6. Joyce says:

    Been crocheting a very long time but in all the things I’ve created afghans are still my favorite. I put every little teeny tiny scrap of yarn in them sometimes I get some snoozers BUT it still keeps someone warm. Scarves, hats and gloves are next.

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