Love the (Crocheted) Jewels!

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After this crazy wonderful holiday season, don’t you think you deserve some jewelry? Do you have some new yarn in your stash that you’d like to try or have you rediscovered the remnants of a luxurious project that would make a pretty accessory? Are you ready for a project that is quick, satisfying, gorgeous, and fun?

If so, please read on, Crochet Spotters! I’ve gathered together some beautiful Crochet Spot Jewelry Patterns that will keep you happy and stylish! These will have passers by shouting (like my good friend used to say) “Love the jewels!”

Share the love! Pin me! :)

Share the love! Pin me! 🙂

Simple and quick, with a bit of sparkle, the Three Strand Twisted Bracelet is a satisfying project that will instantly upgrade your jewelry wardrobe. If you have extra bangles laying around, try Amy’s tips for jazzing them up. Make a Bracelet Wrapped in Crochet! Crochet + beads = glam!! Give the Beaded Chain Bracelet a try! Aw! So cute to wear on your wrists or ankles. Amy gives us another winning pattern, the Aloha Flower Anklet.

Remember this gorgeous necklace from a while ago? We’ve got the whole pattern here: Angel Wings Necklace Pattern. And, if you need it, the pattern is broken down into two tutorials: Angel Wings Tutorial Part 1 and Angel Wings Tutorial Part 2. This Swirl Pendant is pretty and can be added to a chain or a ribbon. Candace started us on our exploration into crocheting with wire. The beautiful Wire Ball Pendant will have everyone wondering how you did that! This pretty Versatile Bijoux pattern can be worn a number of ways. This is perfect for that yarn you just can’t get enough of!

I don’t feel fully dressed until I’m wearing earrings. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was only 3 months old! All of these gorgeous earring choices are of the hanging variety. I love wearing crocheted earrings!
Lacy Diamond Earrings
Hanging Blossom Earrings
Pluvia Earrings
Autumn Leaf Earrings
Helix Earrings

For a little floof in your life, celebrate with these pretty rings! You can have A Rose for a Ring, or a Crazy Ruffle Ring!

Do you enjoy making crocheted jewelry? Which of these would you like to try? Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comment section below!

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